Language in Diversity

tips-wawancara-kerjaIn interviews, nerves can make you forget to do simple things such as smile and listen, which can result in being thought of as unfriendly or inattentive. You’re more likely to be nervous if you’re inadequately prepared so as well as following our advice above, you should:
• give yourself time to think about what unique qualities you will bring to the job/organisation;
• think of practical examples to demonstrate what you have achieved and draw upon all aspects of your working, educational and social life;
• write notes and take these along to the interview;
• use cues in your notes to highlight examples that you want to draw upon, such as ‘cricket team’, ‘course representative’, ‘sales job’;
• be aware of the structure of the interview. Interviews often begin with topics that are easier to answer because you need less time to think, such as ‘tell us about your studies at university’;
• pause before answering a difficult question in order to give yourself time to think;
• use positive language, as interviewers will be assessing your motivation and enthusiasm;
• ask for clarification if, at first, you’re unsure of what the question means;
• breathe.


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