Language in Diversity



The phone call came on a Wednesday morning, just as my family was yawning awake to face another busy day. The morning we left Banten, I took a walk as the rest of the world came awake. I watched the sun rise over the way Merak high way and cherished this place, my home — the place that knows my people, my kin, the place that knows from whence I came, the place that has known me and loved me from the beginning. It is so comfortable here. Here I feel so much “at home” … but not quite.

From Pandeglang (Banten) to Tegal (Central Java), this is a holiday many expatriate families will not forget. Surprise people homecomings can begin to look very similar but each one has its own story and emotion. “It’s hard to describe that feeling of being reunited with your family after so long,” says my mother who just returned home as a part of the final wave of expatriates leaving Banten. My grandfather surprised his first daughter and her family, my mother, at his house.

My grandfather was speechless when mom walked through the doors of his house after being apart for over a year. “It’s very difficult to be separated from my grandfather but at the same time I have a lot of pride in what I do and I’m very proud of the men and women who serve,” explains My mother who will be at home for about a few weeks before her job call. 

*thanks for National Bank of Indonesia ( Bank BRI)


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