Language in Diversity

            Scholarship-photo[1]Being intelligent does not always mean that someone has good score in a test- a basic knowledge with which common people do not exactly know, but being intelligence is the ability to solve problems or to create products, that are valued within one or more culture settings (Howard Gardner- 1983). Howard’s statement at least seemed to answer many questions about being intelligence. We all have families and friends who do not fit the mold; we know they are bright, but they do not excel on tests. Gardner’s claim that there are several different kinds of intelligence gave us and others involved with making relationship to understand those families and friends. We would look at what they could do well, instead of what they could not do. Howard Gardner claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened. He believes each individual has nine intelligences:

            First of all, Linguistic intelligence is well developed verbal skill and sensitivity to the sounds, meaning and rhythms. It means that language is one aspect of human’s intelligence. Linguistic intelligence refers to an enhance ability of an individual to use one or several languages to convey spoken or written communication to others. So, now let’s we check how good our linguistic intelligence is ! here we goo. Second, mathematical-logical intelligence is person’s ability in mathematics and other complex logical systems. This area has to do with logic, reasoning and critical thinking and also this has to do with having the capacity to accept the basic principles of some kind of casual system. The third is musical intelligence. The intelligent is a special ability to understand and create music. The intelligence is given to musicians, composers and dancers.

            The next is visual-spatial intelligence which is person’s ability to think in images and pictures, to visualize accurately and abstractly. The person can think in pictures to perceive the visual world and recreate it in the mind or on paper. This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind’s eye. This intelligence is highly developed in artists, architects, designers, and sculptors. The fifth intelligence is bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. That we call an ability to control one’s body movements and to handle objects skillfully. This is for self expression or toward a goal. People who have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should lean better by involving muscular movement for example getting up and moving around into the learning experience.

            The both last intelligences for writer’s explanation today are intrapersonal intelligence that is the capacity to be self-aware and in tune with inner feelings, values, beliefs and thinking process. This intelligence is used to understand of one’s own emotions. And Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to perceive and understand other individuals, and the ability to detect and respond appropriately to the moods, motivations, and desires to others. The last statement, not the least is the intelligence is not only about score in a test, but more. The most is how we correctly appreciate it and give a chance to empower all intelligences.                     




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