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Learning Community

Learning Community


          Learning everything has a special method to get the best result. Most people don’t know it especially in studying every subject in a school or a university, so they do terrible method in their learning. Many ways, learners do to study every subject. One of the ways to study a subject is making a community- a club of other enthusiastic learners. A learning community (LC) is a group of students who take a common set of courses together or share a common experience around their academics. Community has become a special and important part in learning English, because making people to join with other people and giving several benefits for learners as Shahla Yassaei (2002) – a Researcher in English Teaching Forum said community provides motivation, support, and inspiration for learners.   

          Motivation is really needed when studying everything, because learners will have big spirit in the processing of study. Social situations can also affect learner’s motivation. Friends are very important during learning process. Spirit will lead each learner’s soul to get harder and do their best. Additionally, the bigger spirit learners have the more support they get to study. Learners can support one another about their problems while they are studying in community. Learners can fulfill and share understanding materials with others, and meet one another in the community.

          Learning communities share inspiration for the learning materials of all students within the school or university. Inspiration brings together the entire education community, including members of the education workforce — teachers, and support staff — as well as families and other stakeholders, to increase effective teaching in every classroom. Within learning communities peer accountability rather than formal or administrative accountability ignites commitment to professional learning. Every student benefits from the strengths and expertise of every educator when communities of educators learn together and are supported by local communities whose members value education for all students. Then, learning community is to keep knowledge fresh, let everyone knows learners expect to keep their skills up-to-date through collaborative study. Professionals subscribe to a codified body of knowledge and commit to monitoring the latest information and skills to increase their effectiveness.

          The conclusion, the missions of learning community are first is to motivate, support and encourage each other as learners. When learning anything, there are always times when we feel tired or have doubts. Second is to connect in friendship, as human beings. English is a tool for communication and connection. All members of learning community are like a family life. Members will always help each other when they can in any way they can. They are in Community to make true friendships. Many of our members go beyond these forums: they connect with each other by any social media. They also talk to each other using Skype or webcam in the internet.  


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