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P2KT (teaching Practice)


            Let’s call him John !!. He is eight semester or forth year as a student university in Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University, a name of university in Jakarta. Actually he doesn’t take any lesson or subject in this semester of the campus and absolutely he is not really busy of many activities. Anyhow, he has so many activities, which relate to his obligation in this semester. It’s teaching practice (P2KT) a name of subject that students should take for each student. They have to practice what they got in the campus. The program is applied in a school from elementary school till senior high school by all students of Tarbiya and Teaching Training Faculty. They try to apply their educational knowledge based on theories learned.

            The program is very special for all students of Tarbiya and Teaching Training faculty, because it will give them many experiences in doing real teaching practice. They will learn many things in the process of P2KT. A real situation of teaching process in the class of the school is one of what they will learn. Additionally, they will get new knowledge about school’s administration; arranging teacher schedule, making school’s formal letter, training some extracurricular such as English debate training, Bonodory dance training, and evaluating monthly activities and so on.

            First February, the program is begun. Unfortunately John is not alone to practice in the school. He has 12 friends who accompany to him till six months later. John and his friends are from different majors of Tarbiya Faculty; 3 students of English Education Department, 3 students of Islamic education department, 3 students of education management, 2 students of  Indonesia letter, and the other is from match department. They are working team in the school with the theme ‘together we meet, share, learn, act, and get’. It’s not really easy to work together as professional team, because most of them never know one another before. They try to give good meaning of their differences in practicing process.

            They have so many activities or events in the school. The main activity of them is teaching based on what their majors are. Beside that they have some events or programs to do such as; teaching how to real Al-qur’an to all students to make students can read it correctly, training English debate-Nusantara English Debate is the name, rehearsing theater to make students know how to be other people in different characters for making some theater show, and sharing and training culture studies-foreign cultures for example Japanese’s culture; how to wear Yukata costumes and dance Bonodory dance. Those programs above are weakly programs. The schedules are at 10.00 am on Tuesday. Hopefully, the programs will give the beneficial view and one step to dig knowledge deeply of each program.

            SMK (Vocational School) Nusantara 1 is an educational institution which is located near with the campus UIN Syarif HIdayatullah Jakarta at Taruma Negara street no.13, Legoso-Ciputat-Tangerang Selatan-Indonesia.  The vision of the school is achievement, religious, discipline, and innovation, and the missions are to develop based on management school to use optimally human resource then have independent, opened accountability participation, stakeholder, flexibility, and continuity condition.  To be creative and innovative in teaching and learning activity, the school citizens have a good behavior accordingly to the norms, and all school citizens work their duty with discipline, and conductive teaching and learning activity in the school. The school’s facilities are consisted of four floors. In the morning used for first year students of SMK Nusantara 1, and in the noon used for the second and third year students. Other supporting facilities in the school such as; principle and vice principle room, administration room, classrooms, library, Futsal yard, main yard, canteen, language laboratory, computer laboratory, science laboratory, and teachers’ room. John and his friends really enjoy doing all activities in the school.

            Hopefully, John and his friends can finish the teaching practice well and give some good impression to big family of SMK Nusantara 1, and absolutely, give something benefit and help one another. And finally, they just want to say a thousand thanks to all of big family of SMK Nusantara 1 for giving every good experience. _that’s about John’s P2KT and friends, how’s yours !!!         



Comments on: "John calls it PPKT (Praktek Propesi Keguruan Terpadu)" (3)

  1. hey John, why still single when PPKT? there are many girls in that school, maybe you can choose one of them, lol
    anyway, this is real practice for your major and share many ideas in your mind. good john

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