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Al-Yakzatu and al-Tawbatu


It’s quiet natural that since baby, man, no matter who, must keep his fitrah free from anything except God, he must strengthen no to allowed all thing that separates himself from his nature which has no distance between him and his Creator, no matter who is the man, he should keep his nearness to Him during his life, but in fact when man is born to the world he forgot what he promise in the past to his creator, because any kind of materials matters close his eyes of spirituality from the essence of his destination living in the world.

The worse thing that when he tries to understand the reality the knowledge that he conceives is no longer the way to make him disclose the Absolute, but rather than making a farther distance between him and Him, this circumstance emerges because man has been already fulfilled by the laziness and unawareness which bring him into a farther distance from Him.

Laziness and unawareness are the most dangerous state for both of them bring man into the wrong path which is not his way to be on this path. Even man is full of laziness and awareness but God’s love seems to be wider and comes to him to guide him into the real path. So what man needs to do is only a waking from these two state and be aware to the purpose of his life.

When man wakes from the unawareness the light of god illuminates his heart and purifies his soul. This man will continuously see that all what he thinks and sense is a reminding point to guide him and help him find the way to come back as he was when he gave his promise before falling into the earth.

This waking has three kinds that all of them are in relation to one another: The first, The seeker realizes that the grace he get is uncountable and even he try to count it he waste his time counting the uncounted grace, it’s consequently understood that what he gets is all gift without deserving to earn it, but God gives it even he doesn’t deserve by reason that during his life he doesn’t do anything worthy in eyes of God.

The second: the seeker will eternally avoid all kind of sins that makes him in danger, so he always use his effort free himself from the useless activity, and on the contrary, he ask God to purify his heat and give him salvation from the felony that disturb his path seeking for him during his life to uncover the truth.

The third: the seeker is aware that the time and the day he lives is no longer addition of his age, but is rather than decreasing his perfection. He believes that the time he lives is his chance to do perfection and of course if he lose this chance he waste the time not doing self-perfection, the more he lose this chance the farther his state from perfection.  So he keeps calculating and contemplating to repair his deficiency.

The time for perfection is also God’s grace for man to be closer to Him, which constitutes three things; the seeker is enlightened and see that everything he senses he thinks and he feels have the source, without the Source all of these are nothing, or it’s simply stated all of these illusions comes from the Absolute as the Cause of all phenomena and the sources where there is no thing except from Him.

The seeker also always hopes for blessing and makes the accidents and circumstance of the other person as the lesson for him and he avoids him self to fall in the same circumstance that occurs to others, then he takes the advantages of all phenomena as the way of perfecting his spirituality and as the tool of discovering the truth through all thing.

Then the Wakefulness is one of the God’s graces for man that we should thank God for it, with it we are aware and live the world spiritually without encountering a great barriers that separate us from Him then we attain the total purification of our heart and soul.


The Arabic word “Tawbat” means to come back, return as what it was, so when man does tawbat, it means he comes back to the nature from the trap, he come back from the fall into the state like what was, it’s simply stated that tawbat or repentance is to maintain man’s state closer to god, or to purify our soul from the dirtiness of sin that man has done and will be done. When man does tawbat from the sins he commit, so he is no longer sinful, because he already comes back from the sins into purification.

In the mystical tradition, tawbat or repentance is purely an act of divine grace, coming from Go to man, not from man to God. Because when God doesn’t give His grace who will guarantee that the sin we committed is forgiven. It clearly indicates that God loves man so much, that he always gives His grace to anyone without deserving, but he always guide man.

The tawbat has three conditions, 1) regretting, 2) apologizing and 3) strengthening no to commit anymore sin. Regretting is needed, for when man does tawbat and doesn’t regret the sin he does he is like to be happy committing the sin, and it indicates that he will do anymore sin, so is it possible that a man performed tawbat whereas he continuously commit the sin that he realizes?

In the apologizing, we have to beg for forgiveness from anyone who get the impact of our sin, if wee commit the sin to God we have to apologize to him, because when we commit sin to Him we are challenging and daring Him, and also when we commit sin to others, we have to apologize to them, because we already oppress them, and if they forgive us, God also will do the same to us.

The very important thing is when Man is performing tawbah of course he must stop doing that sin, when he continues committing that sin, he is no longer doing tawbat, because if he does it he is challenging God’s order, then he is still not purified and need more awareness.

Tawbat is opened for anyone no matter who we are, and no matter how big our sins are, God said in the Holy Qur’an, “and I am the receiver of tawbat and the most merciful (al-Baqarah: 160). Hope, that we are always performing this tawbat for any sins we performed in the previous and in the next term.


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