Language in Diversity



Title                 : Sweet Valley High (Stepsisters)

Author             : Francine Pascal

I interested in this novel, honestly because I want to know the story about my first sweet valley novel which I read. It’s about Annie Whitman’s mother fell in love with Walter Thomas, a famous photographer who has one daughter. She is Cheryl, the young black talented girl who very likes arts. Problems happen when Walter and Cheryl move to Sweet Valley, California, which has a different atmosphere with New York. Especially for Cheryl and Annie, both of them should be easier to communicate and adapt with each other, the problem happened when Annie know that Cheryl is Black.

There were some main characters which are, Annie (Cheryl stepsister’s who want to make her didn’t feel like an alien because most of them are white but what Annie’s did for her, it made her uncomfortable. In welcoming party for Cheryl, Annie invited her friends who are Asian, African, Mexican which honestly she wasn’t close with them and it made Cheryl felt uncomfortable. Cheryl (Annie stepsister’s who has many talents in art, she is a professional pianist. When she and Elizabeth went to Rosa Jameson house, she played a beautiful melancholy piece and they give a big applause for her). I choose Cheryl as my favorite character, because she’s good in playing piano and she’s brave to say to Annie not to make her like an alien but to be the real friend and break the barrier which make them uncomfortable each other.

I choose the tragedy when Mrs. Whitman appendix illness relapse and she should get an operation. Both Annie and Cheryl were very panic. At this time too, Annie and Cheryl were being honest to each other and now, they became the real friends.

I have learned that when we meet a new friend don’t be so difficult to communicate. Break the barrier which makes you far each other. Don’t be exaggerated to make your friend feel comfortable. In this case, Annie tried to make Cheryl feel comfortable. In welcoming party, she invited her friends who come from different ethnic, just because Cheryl black and want to make Cheryl felt comfortable with many kind of diversity around her.


            Title  : The Railway Children

      Author   : E. Nesbit

I interested in this novel, actually when I saw the cover, there were three children on the railway, it’s so colorful and the epilogue tells about the story in one family that must survive when the bad condition happened to them which are their father leave home- he’s going to prison and they don’t know exactly what happen to their father after one of them know what happened to their father. So, it changed their condition, they became a poor family who lived in a little house near a railway and now, that railway and all people in there became a part of their life.

There were some characters like Roberta (the eldest child who is very strong and helpful. She always helps her mother to clean up their three chimneys little house, keep her mother’s garden. She was very strong enough when she knew the secret why their father left them). Peter (the only boy in that family, he is naughty, when Roberta birthday he tried to stole the flowers in the garden of the station, but the master of the station caught him). The last one was Phyllis (she was a little girl, who was very kind, she helped her mother to prepare the foods in every dinner, she helped Mr. Perks to cleaned up the train, etc). I choose Roberta as my favorite one, because she is very strong to keep the secret what happened to their father. At the end of the story, their father came back to them with the help of the old gentleman.

I choose the tragedy when the train 11.29 wanted to go on its schedule and use the line where the metal of the railway far away because of some stone and loose earth fell down on the railway. If the train is still using this railway it can killed many people inside there. They made a red signal to stop the train and they did it. They safe many people

 I have learned that we must accept any conditions that happen to our family with wholeheartedly. At this case, the railway children life have changed when their father left them, they became a poor family but they never regret with their condition, they still can help people.


Title : Nancy Drew on Campus 8 (Getting Closer)

Author : Carolyn Keene

 I interested in this novel when I read the epilogue which tells about friendship, love around the college students and there’s an art project which being mess up because of someone stole the artifacts. It makes me curious about the plot in this novel.

There are several main characters in this novel, Nancy Drew is the friend of Will Blackfeather and George Fayne who win the art project in that campus, she is smart because her article on REACH becomes the headline in the wilder times and she helps Will and George to find the person who stole their artifacts. Will and George tried to propose the art project in World of Art show in Wilder University and they win the election of the art project. Casey and B.J Olson are another team but their project didn’t win the election.

I choose the tragedy when Nancy, Jake (Boyfriend of Nancy), Bess (Friends of Nancy), Will, George and Casey are gathering in Kaplan Art Center of Casey Art Gallery and they find the artifacts in there behind the big screen which have been hidden by B.J Olson- someone who stole the artifacts and actually, Casey don’t know about what B.J Olson did.

I have learned that we must not become a cruel person just because we want to make our dreams or ambitions can come true. If we really do it, it means nothing for us. In this case, B.J Olson is a partner of Casey, he stole the artifacts of Will Blackfeather art project because he is afraid of himself if his project will not be chosen; it means everything is over for him.


Title                 : Notes from Utopia

                                Author             : Jemima Hunt

 Actually, the first time when I saw the novel, I interested with the cover and the fonts are big. But the fact, this book is monotone, the events or action that happened here was always same. Love, love and love. In this case, it told us about Utopia, she is a beautiful and hardworking woman who loves the lifestyle of New York. She worked in H2 magazine in New York became the design director or sometimes she wrote an article. She had a problem with love since she moved to New York.

There were some characters in this novel, Utopia- she is a beautiful woman who works in H2 fashion magazine and she always tried to play love with anybody (in London with P, New York with Saul). Saul, he is a boyfriend of Utopia in New York. He loved Utopia so much, but he loved his job more than Utopia. In this case, when He and Utopia were in the party that held by the fashion and modeling magazine, he only talked about job with his partner Ms. Viviane (his assistant), Mr. Kurt (his partner in office) and Jeans (the director of H2 fashion magazine). He ignored Utopia.

I choose the event when P came to New York and gave a surprise for Utopia. Utopia told about her loved with Saul and her truly feeling of P that always made her crazy in love. I choose P as my favorite character because he can accept Utopia with the way she is although he knew also what was Utopia did when he was not in her side.

I have learned that to find the true love of ours, it doesn’t mean that we should play in love with whoever we want or lying our heart from the true feeling of us. But just believe, the true love would come to us if we believe and patience to wait our true love. In this case, Utopia move to New York and play in love with anybody. The special one with Saul, but beside that she always thinks about P and cannot forget him.

Ismi Putri Rahmah ( a student of English Education Department UIN Jakarta) 02-03


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