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Wolves of the Gods by Allen Cole


Safar Timura was one of the main characters in this novel. He was the lord of Kyranian people who was very wise and brave. In this case, he decided to take a decision to save his people’s life rather than sacrificed himself to Iraj Protarus but then Iraj will also kill the Kyranian people. Next was Iraj Protarus the son of Kyrania who had dead but now he returned in his demon soul. He was very cruel and greedy. In this case, before he died, he would like to take Timura’s palace by using the wife of Timura- Nerisa, but he could not do it although the effect is Nerisa was dead and when he came back at this time, he also wanted to take the Kyranian palace and fulfilled it with the demons. The last was Palimak, the adopted child of Timura and Nerisa who was the half of the demon and wizard part stayed in his soul. So, that was why he was special.

The most interesting part in this novel is at the last scene when fortunately, the Kyranian people could find the Syrapsis- the best safe place in the wizard world. In this case, Timura tried to bring their people went away from Kyranian palace which was covered by the demon wolves of Iraj Protarus. At this time, Iraj Protarus also wanted to find the Syrapsis in order to get rid of the curse that he got to be a demon. But then, the one who could find it is the right people one, the Kyranian people.

There was an interesting part in this novel, but there was also a confusing part. Iraj Protarus wanted to get the Kyranian palace but then he also wanted to find the Syrapsis by using the magical portal machine. This machine was the confusing thing one, what was honestly the function of this magical machine. Why it just suddenly appeared in this story and while Iraj wanted to use this magical portal, Timura wanted to destroy it. This was the part of the story which made me confused.

The part that I dislike was in the beginning chapter. There was a prologue which told about the condition of Kyranian palace at that time then there was a little story about the child in that palace, his name was Tio. He was only an innocent boy who took care of his brother’s sheep in the mountain but at that time there was a rumor that told about the wolves who will kill many people. Then it happened to Tio, He was killed by the wolf and he died. I dislike this part because this part is a little bit unrelated and it was so cruel to see an innocent child killed.

I got an experience when I read this novel. In this novel told when Safar Timura decided to sacrifice his life to safe the Kyranian people. He should destroy the magical portal machine in order not to make Iraj and his wolf soldiers found the Syrapsis first but Timura should destroy it manually. It means he would die also to safe his people. I just remembered the story about Harry Potter and the deathly hollow the last part when Harry sacrifice his life to Lord Voldemort in order to save his family and friends who love him so much but then at the end they could win and defeat the Voldemort. I felt the same feeling when I read this novel at this part like I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

If I could change the story, I would not make the ending for Iraj Protarus just simply died. I will make Iraj Protarus trapped in his demon soul forever and Iraj will be sent in the hell of the demons in the wizard world.

This novel largest issue was the Syrapsis. Syrapsis was the safest place in that wizard world which is told that Syrapsis was the world of peace. All the conflict happened in this story the main point was to keep the Syrapsis from the Demons.

When I read this novel, I felt like I was going somewhere in the world that I was questioning where is honestly the location of the world. Talking about demons and wizard which were not real and it sometimes made me bored to read this novel.


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