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the Review Novel of THE THIRD DEADLY SIN by Lawrence Senders (the Author)

Zoe Kohler is the main character in this novel; she is the murder of many murder and mutilated cases. Another character is Edward X Delaney, the chief of detective who is handling the murdered and mutilated case done by Zoe Kohler and the last is Ernest who loved and being loved Zoe Kohler, only with this man Zoe Kohler did not transform to be a psychopath when they meet.

The most interesting part in this novel is when the detective could reveal and prove that the murder of some men who is mutilated is Zoe Kohler; and when the police came to trap her, it is the time when Zoe and Ernest wanted to marry.

There is the most interesting one but there are also the most confusing part ones, which are when Zoe transformed to be a psychopath and killed those some men with a different background. I was still confused the reasons of her to choose that man and mutilated them. If she truly had ever got a trauma, it should be with specific men because she wanted to revenge but the fact; she killed randomly and just killed the victims.

I dislike from this book is the reason why she changed to be a killer and psychopath is not told. Even the background part of her why she became the psychopath also did not tell and when I read, I felt curious but my curiosity did not get the answer, so it is just like guessing.

I do not have any related experience with the story or the though on it because I never had and do not want to have an experience or thought in murdered or to be a psychopath. I have just seen a movie acted by Shia LaBeouf the title is “Disturbia”. This movie told about the psychopath too, a man who always killed the woman that he loved. Based on that story, that is too bad and a little bit disgusting.

If I could change the story, I want the story between Zoe Kohler and Edward X Delaney are not separated into different chapter but just mix it up every chapters there is a role of Zoe and the role of Edward. So, the story is not separating but just flowing.

The larger issue told in this novel is about the psychological of psychopath. There is a special psychopath who could interact just same as an ordinary human but then in every night she transformed herself to be a murdered and mutilated the victim that she killed.

An experience that I felt in reading this book, I have just read for about half of it and my boyfriend gave me a bad message and it made me so sad so, that’s message is really distract me to read this novel. Unfortunately, I could finish reading and made the review of this novel.


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