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The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon (Author)

Judd Steven is one of the main characters in this novel told that he was a psychoanalyst suspected by the two detectives of the death of John Hanson (Steven’s patient) and Carol (Steven’s Receptionist). Then there was McGreavy as a detective who is care so much about Steven’s case because he thought that this case is related to the Big Gangster mafia called “La Costra Nostra”. Next is Frank Angeli, the partner of McGreavy who was spying McGreavy and Steven because in this novel, he was the members of La Costra Nostra, and he tried to camouflage the fact by telling and giving a clue to Steven that McGreavy is the killer of John Hanson and Carol.

The most interesting part of this novel is in the scene of Judd Steven ask for help to Norman Z.Moody- a senior and smart detective giving a clue to Judd about “Don Viton” and “La Costra Nostra”. Honestly, He could easily say that the naked face who blamed and murdered Judd is the person nearby him but he didn’t let himself say it to Judd, he asked Judd to learn it by himself or to do action.

The previous one is the interesting one, and then this is the confusing one. Actually, the death of Carol and John Hanson was happened before the core of the problem arose. In this part, the murdered was happened because of the wife of La Costra Nostra’s gangster came to Mr. Judd, so then her husband was afraid that his wife will tell about his identity but actually, Anne DeMarco didn’t say anything to Judd but she fell in love with Judd. This case made Anne regularly checked up to Judd in order to see Judd’s face. The case when Anne met with Judd was happened after the death incident but why this novel told that the core was when Anne came to Dr. Judd, it should be the book told the core problem first then the effects.

In this book, I do not have any dislike part or point because when I read the story fortunately, I could easily follow and there was no part that makes me so frustrated to be read. Therefore all the part in this book could be read easily.

Based on this novel, I do not have any experience that related to the story. I just have seen the story related to this story in the movie not in the real life but there is one thing that I have ever felt, it is related to my personal thought. In this case, Judd suspected Hanson’s boyfriend to be the murder of Hanson and Carol but the fact when he analyzed it, which was not true and even Judd’s guessing made Hanson’s Boyfriend was disappointed. In my experience, I ever had done it to one of my friends in my high school but then what I am guessing is not true then my friend is angry to me.

Another point is changing the story. If I could change the story, I would like to change the part which made me confused. That is the part when the cause happen the last but the effect which is suddenly appear has already stated first. So, I would like to make Anne’s existence in this story happen first before the death of Hanson and Carol because it will make the story clearer and correlated.

The mystery of the murder of Hanson and Carol and why the murder wanted to kill Dr. Judd Steven are the largest issue in this story. Dr. Judd was a psychoanalyst and he assumed that in his existence becoming a psychoanalyst, he never got that to complicated case that could make him like sunk in the deep ocean. In this case, Dr. Judd as a psychoanalyst did his expert part in analyzing people in order to reveal the problem and found the murder but sometimes his guessing was not exact.

An experience that I got when I read this novel is the time. I could easily read this book only one day and I understand the story of this novel-The Naked Face. Although many assignment that I should do while I was reading this novel but I could handle and read it easily.


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