Language in Diversity


The novel review of Scarlet – Stephen R. Lawhead (the Author)

Will Scarlet is the main character of this novel who is skilled and loyal companion to his quest. In this case he joined in the heroic archery and always loyal to his men; and there is King Raven who is searched by Will Scarlet about their existence there in order to reveal the conflict. And the last, there is Odo, a priest who has been given a job of recording Will Scarlet confession.

The most interesting part is when Will is going to the throne of England. After many times and obstacles, he tried to find King Raven and his band of cohort, Grellon. Then hopely, he could find them all and all the effect after he could find him, he is going to the parliament of the Kingdom till he became the Lord William.

The most confusing part in this novel is in the part when Will failed attempt to kidnap Sheriff Richard de Glanville but then he is captured because of the crime that he did not commit. He failed to kidnap Sheriff Richard but why he was still captured and the reason why he wanted to kidnap Sheriff Richard still cannot be make sense for me.

The part that I dislike from this novel is too many historical stories’ background cover up. It made me a bit confused because I am not a really good enough in linking the history with the plot and the language used in this novel, some of it still using the ancient words so; it’s quite hard for me to understand the plot in this novel.

I do not have any related experience with this story because this story mostly talks about the heroic scene of Will scarlet and the historical conflict atmosphere around the English Kingdom in Celtic people and I do not have any experiences related to it.

Honestly, I have no reason or idea if I could change the story because I am quite stuck to comprehend this novel but I just want to make some changing in language used. I prefer choose a simple language to the ancient one although it will be good and beautiful but the best thing when I wanted to read a novel is the plot, the plot must be easy to comprehend.

The larger issue raised in this novel is about , Will Scarlet who was searching for King Raven and His Band, Grellon because of the destruction of them. Will tried to find them in order to reveal the conflict about the robbery of the church of treasure where Abbot Hugo is going to find the evidence which is who is the suspect of that all.

An experience that I felt when I read this novel is quite complicated. I have just broken up with my boyfriend and he hurt my heart so much but the things honestly that bothered me in reading this novel is my mind always going to our family because honestly our family has already known each other and I got a “galaunessia”. So, that is affected my reading for this novel.

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