Language in Diversity


Title                             : Elegance

Author                         : Kathleen Tessaro

Publisher         : Harper Colins

            I felt interested in this novel when I saw the cover and the font are not so small. In the cover there is a beautiful woman whose appearance was so elegance. Then I opened the first page till the last page, I saw the font were quite big enough so, I can feel comfortable to read this novel.

            There are some main characters in this novel. They are Louise Canova, Colin and Eddie. Louise Canova is a 30 year-old woman who work in the Phoenix Theater as the front of house in box office. And she is the woman in the cover who obsessed to be an elegance woman. Colin is a friend of her in her office who always helps her in any condition. And Eddie is the true love of Louise who was a pianist and he was 7 years younger than Louise. I choose Eddie as my favorite character because he can accept Louise with all the strength or the weakness and he was a man who can make her realize about what is honestly the true “Elegance” is. In this case, he proposed to marry Louise and for the first time she refuse it but he is still eager to tell her that he really loves her.

            I choose my most favorite moment when Louise realized that she was wrong if she didn’t reply the true love of Eddie. In this case, Eddie has prepared to proposed his love to her in a romantic ferry and he said, although Louise was older than him, he accept the way Louise is. The true elegance of Louise is the way she is. But at that time, Louise was still doubt till she decided not to accept Eddie’s love at that time.

            I have learned something about the true “Elegance” is not about only our physical appearance but the most is about the true Elegance itself based on our point of view. The usual physical appearance but if we have a great behavior and kind to every people, we can say that it’s “Elegance” if we think its “Elegance”. In this case, Louise was an adult woman who thinks that she’s not elegance yet. She changed everything to get the true elegance of her is, till she got divorce with her husband and almost lost the true love of her, Eddie.


Title                             : All She Wants

Author                         : Karen Templeton

Publisher         : Scarlet

            I felt interested in this novel because of the synopsis in back cover of this novel. The synopsis told about a romantic story between Gwyn and Alec Wainwright. I like a romantic novel because the story is easy to understand. So, that is why I choose this novel.

            There are some main characters in this Novel. Gwyn is a 24 year-old woman who wants to reach her dream to become an actress. In this case, she went to New York and followed many audition to be an actress. Next is Alec Wainwright who loves Gwyn and will give everything that she wants. In this case, he helped Gwyn to handle the problem in her family Inn, helped her to get some money to get back to New York even he will be hurt if Gwyn really come back to New York and far from him. I hate Gwyn character the most because it showed her like a very ambitious person indeed. In this case, she helped to fix the problem about the inn but she did it only a half of her heart because in every time, she always think about how she can get the money to come back to New York to become an actress.

            I choose the most favourite moment when Gwyn came back to New York and came to the audition inviting her to follow to be an actress. I chose it as the best moment because at the same time, Alec picked her up to New York and proposed her to live with him in that small town to handle the inn business of her family and spend the rest of his life for her. And she was totally agreed with Alec proposal.

            I have learned from this novel is about the optimism. That is good become optimistic and ambitious to reach what we want to reach but we also should be realistic in order to face the truly condition of us. In this novel, Gwyn was very optimistic and ambitious to be an actress till she ignores a great chance in front of her to be a teacher of the school pageant and handle her own family inn business that need her helped. And at the end, she didn’t become an actress but she got more than that. That is the happiness to live with people who loves her.


Title                             : To The Hilt

Author                         : Dick Francis

Publisher         : Michael Joseph, Ltd.

            I felt interested in this novel because of the font and the synopsis of this novel which is stated in the first page of this novel. The size of the fonts is quite big and it supports me to read this novel easily and comfortably. Then, I read the synopsis that told about a mystery inside this sentence “Where is it?” Because of that, I have become curious to know about this novel.

            There are some main characters in this novel. First is Alexander Kinloch- a painter who lived in Scotland; his step father needed his help to come to London to handle the Brewery championship and hide the Hilt of the King Alfred sword’s that will be the prize of the championship. Another one is Sir Ivan Benchmark- the step father of Alexander Kinloch who asked his help to do what he commanded because he got a heart attack. So, he cannot handle everything. The last is Oliver Grenchester- he is a lawyer of Sir Ivan who want to reach his inheritance by inciting his daughter- Patsy Benchmark. I like Alexander the most because he really keeps the message that his stepfather gave to him. In this case, Alexander truly hides that sword in a safe place- Kinloch castle and no one knows except him.

            A moment that I like when all the problem are already revealed and he come to Kinloch castle in Scotland where he hide the King Alfred sword’s to take it back and give it to the government as the historical inheritance which should be protected. He hides it in the wall between the granite in Kinloch castle. And what he did is worked. Nobody knows about the existence of that sword.

            I have learned that we should keep the message that people give to us. When people need our help to keep his/her message it means she/he believes us and we should appreciate it. In this case, Alexander keeps the message from Sir Ivan to hide the sword in order to safe that historical inheritance. If it is going to the wrong people such as Oliver Grenchester, that sword will be exploited by him to get much profit from it. But because he really did what Sir Ivan said, he got the good result at the end.


Title                             : All around the town

Author                         : Marry Higgins Clark

Publisher         : Pocket Book

            When I saw this book, the first time I was interested with the synopsis which tells about murdered and kidnapping. I guess that it could be a great story because I often to read a romantic novel rather than a novel which is told about criminal. And what I had guessed it’s true.

There are some main characters in this novel, the first is Laurie Kenyon. She is the woman who had a psychological illness after the incident of being kidnapped when she was 4 year-old. Next is Sarah Kenyon who is the oldest sister of Laurie and she always take care of Laurie. In this novel, after Laurie was founded and their parents died, she handles Laurie’s school and even her schedule to the psychiatrist. The last is Dr. Donnelly who is the psychiatrist who helps Laurie to be healed and at the end of the story, he will become the fiancé of Laurie’s sister- Sarah Kenyon. I like the character of Sarah Kenyon, because as sister, she really cares of Laurie in whatever the condition is. In this case, as a lawyer of Laurie, she helps Laurie to reveal the mystery that happened to her sister which is truly that her sister is innocent.

The moment that I hate the most is when Laurie was blamed by many people about the murdered of her English Lecturer. In this case, Laurie didn’t do anything to the English Lecturer. She only got a psychological illness that is multi characteristics that one of the characteristic is she becomes a young woman who loved that English teacher. Because of that, she was blame by the wife of English lecturer and all the school staff about the murdered of that English lecturer.

I have learned from this novel that hiding something very crucial is not good. Just tell the truth of what was happened to us even it is a bad thing. Do not afraid of being threat by anyone because the effect for you is bad. In this case, Laurie was afraid of telling about she got a child abuse from the kidnapper and they threatened her not to tell anyone. If Laurie tells anyone, they will not be afraid to kill her. Because of Laurie’s fear, she got the psychological illness which made her get in trouble.



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