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The Street Lawyer by John Grisham


         This story told about the street lawyer who helped the homeless and the poor people in America. Micheal Brock (Mike) was the main character in this story who transformed his job from the commercial lawyer in Drake&Sweeney Company to be a social worker that was becoming a street lawyer in Street Legal Clinic Company. Branden Chance was the other characters in this story who was becoming the attorney of River Oaks Company which had a conflict with many homeless and poor people because of the illegal eviction that they did to the homeless and the last was Hector Palma, the partnership of River Oaks Company that was TAG Company. He was one of the persons after Branden Chance who became a key of the eviction that happens in this story.

          I found one point in this story which is really interesting. That part is when Mike tried to take the evidence or the valid data about the illegal eviction that the River Oaks Company did to the homeless. One thing that I knew about lawyer is they are not allowed to steal the data from opposite client. Lawyer is taught to use a tricky and legal way to get some evidence or to prove the case but Mike is so cool. In this case, although he knew about the risk that he will get, he still stole the data from Branden Chance office in order to prove the truth that the homeless were evicted illegally by River Oaks Company.

            I found not only the interesting point but also the confusing point one when Hector Palma appeared. I was confused who Hector Palma was and why He always run away everyway and every time when the conflict about the illegal eviction was being emerged. So, this condition about him made me confused about his existence in this story.

            Before becoming a street lawyer, Mike still had a wife, his wife name was Claire. I dislike this part when Claire told Mike not to be a street lawyer just because she was afraid everything could be changed in Mike life’s especially the financial of him. The financial for becoming a street lawyer is not as high as the commercial lawyer. That the commercial lawyer a month could get 50.000 dollars but the street lawyer maybe only 5.000 dollars. Becoming a street lawyer is truly coming from Mike’s heart so; Claire cannot forbid him although she was the wife of him.

            Reading this novel gave me many valuable messages. One of it, there was a scene when Mordecai asked Mike to come to the church on weekend to be a volunteer for serving the food and eat together with the homeless. It was the sweetest moment ever in this novel when somebody helps another to spread their happiness. I remember with all the scavengers who stayed in our country; although they were less in many things but when we stayed together with them, saw their smiles that were really priceless.

            If I could change the story, I would like to take the role for the two homeless. They are DeVon Hardy and Lontae Burton; two of them were the victims in the illegal eviction by River Oaks Company which were not told so much in this story. So I want to take the role for them to get much more scenes in this story before the problem appeared.

            The largest issued which is raised in this story is about saving the justice of a homeless or a poor people from the River Oaks Company. River Oaks Company illegally evicted the homeless or poor people from their shelters and made them suffer in the suffering condition that they had already got. In this case, Mike and his team in Street Legal Clinic Company tried to get the justice back for the homeless and poor people.

            The name of the characters in this story are quite hard to remember and the amount of the characters are quite a lot; so I needed to reread till three times just to remember and took a note the names of the characters. That was the great experience which I got, that is reading a novel three times just wanted to know the names which are quite hard to be remembered.

By: Ismi P.R


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  1. Lhaaaaa…kirain hasil review kamu, Pul….

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