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          The Ivy Crown – Mery Luke (author)


             This novel is a biography novel told about the story of Katherine Parr the last wife of Henry VIII. In this novel there are many characters appeared but I will just explain some of the main characters here. Katherine Parr is the last wife of King Henry VIII. She is a very kind, loyal and humble person. She really loved her parents and always obeyed what her parents asked, she is also care to her friends whenever they needed her, and she was always ready for them. Another character of her is she is very humble to every people although she was also a part of royal family (high class community). Next is Thomas Seymour the last husband of Katherine Parr. He married with her after the death of Henry VIII. She loved Katherine so much. It showed from his patience to accept that Katherine should marry with Henry VIII whereas at that time, both Katherine and Thomas had already planned for their marriage. The last is Henry VIII who is the king of England at that time. He really loved Katherine as he loved his children because Katherine Parr family was really near with Henry’s family especially, Katherine of Aragon the 1st wife of Henry who was the best friend of Maud Parr (Katherine Parr).

            In this novel I got an interesting point when the 1st marriage of Katherine Parr with Lord Borough. At that time Katherine Parr’s age is about 18-19 year-old and Lord Borough age was 20 years older than her. Although Lord Borough’s age was almost the same as Katherine Parr’s father if he was still alive, she always loved him with her wholeheartedly and gave her loyalty to live with Lord Borough and his two children. It is really touching and so beautiful scene which drawn in this novel.

            After talking about the interesting one, there is also a confusing part one in this novel but honestly this is about the confusing behavior of Henry VIII. He was already an old man at that time but he still wanted to marry a young beautiful woman. In this case, he married Anna Boleyn who was very beautiful and he also married Katherine Parr before the end of his life. There is no clear reason which I could catch to explain about his behavior. He was a king, it means that he should keep his status in society very well but in here, he liked to marry with many women.

            The part that I disliked the most is when Katherine and Thomas Seymour decided to live together but then Henry tried to destroy their planned by sending Thomas Seymour to handle the conflict of England so then he could marry Katherine Parr.

            In this novel honestly I don’t have any personal experience or thought but I will tell about an experience and thought that one of my friends had felt. When Katherine Parr’s mother and 1st husband passed away, she was really sad and depressed till she did not want to go anywhere from her family palace. She felt that every day is like a dark day for her. My friend ever felt the same thing like what Katherine felt. My friend’s mother is passed away when his age is 19th years old. All of the feeling that Katherine felt are also felt by my friend and even my friend almost did not want to continue his study because of the death of his mother.

            Changing the story of this novel is a little bit confusing because the plot of this novel is a part of a history in royal family. If I change it, I will change the history. But if I could, I wanted to change the character of Henry VIII. In this novel his character is like an old man playboy who loved to marry many women then I will make his character became a wise old man ever who only gives his love to one wife in his life.

            The large issued which is raised in this novel mostly about the four marriages of Katherine Parr and her life in royal family. The first marriage with Lord Borough, the second one is with Lord Latimer, the third is with Henry VIII and the last with Thomas Seymour.

            When I read this novel I had an experience that is I felt like I was living in United Kingdom and lived in royal family. So, when I read more and more, it seems like a roll of film about The Ivy Crown came to my mind and it seems real to me although I knew that it was not real.

Ismi Putri Rahmah ( a Student of UIN Jakarta)

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