Language in Diversity



Talking about experience, I have unforgettable experience when I was in second grade of senior high school. At that time, I joined with scout organization in my school. I was still Bantara. Bantara in one of scout levels for senior high school. From any Bantara scout boys in my school, they would be chosen as Dewan Ambalan. It is like a scout government in a school. They were chosen by a difficult test and survival. Only the great and the best scout, that can became Dewan Ambalan. The selection was usually held in a scout camp. It is called Dewan Ambalan inauguration camp. For that time, the camp would be held in Purwokerto forest. That place is like a hill with a luxuriant forest. The forest is untouchable because people around were not brave enough to explore that forest. Only some people who have ever gone there. That the reason, why the seniors chose that place to hold the camping. It would be terrible camp!!

It’s time for camp. We started from school and went to the Purwokerto forest on foot. Could you guess, how long the distance? It’s around 6 Kilo Metres. Oh God !!

We walk without take a rest and stay to walk. Hff!! Its too bad….along we walk the seniors forbid us to speak each other. It’s not only walk, but it was survival and became the first test in this camp. The one who walked slower and leave behind, would be punished and got minus score. It means that he or she would lost her chance to be Dewan Ambalan.

Huft !!! oh God..I have walked at around 4 Kilo Metres and I felt my bone was like broke to the ground. I couldn’t see something infront of me clearly. I stayed to walk. My breath was going to lost. But I stayed to walk…I knew that I could done it.

For a minute, I looked at back and I got my self was on second position. Some of my friends prefer to give up so they got punishment and minus score for this test. But I didn’t, I tried as strong as I can. I thought my body felt down, I stayed to walk.

Suddenly somebody announced that we have arrived in scout camp, in Purwokerto forest.

Oh God…finally finished. I passed this test.

We arrived in forest at afternoon. Then, seniors allowed us to take a rest and pray. We had 10 minutes to do it. Its very less enough for us, but that’s the role. We had to obey it.

In the camp, the most challenge test was outbound in forest. The senior divide us in to some groups which is consist of 11 scout boys per group. Then, we were spread to the forest. The aim was we have to find out something great that can prove you became a Dewan Ambalan. Without food , drink, or medicine. Only a piece of forest map. And we didn’t know what we had to find out. The seniors didn’t tell in details. Oh God ! that was so dark and tight. The thing that we have to do was keeping integration. If  we lost 1 member of our group, automatically, she or he would be lost and it’s difficult to get back to the camp.

Then, we realized that we were lost. And the other groups too. Oh, i couldn’t think any thing better. We  have walked for along time to find out the sign to back to the camp, but it was useless. I looked at another members, they were looked so give up. No body knew how and where are the signs. It was afternoon and will continue to night. We were so tired so we decided to take arrest for a while, under a big tree. That was very big tree. And the scene around it was full of bushes. So scary, ! but we didn’t care about it. We were so weak, break for awhile, there.

It was dark, at night actually. I opened my eyes and tried to ask my groups to continue the journay. But I really shoke !!! there was no body around me. Where were my friends,,? They had left me? Or..they are…no, its impossible..there’re no cannibal here. ! oh god !

I was alone ! in a forest, dark…night….I was lost..

I felt like a duck was lost in space. I wanna cry but I think that was useless. The thing I had to do was not crying, but I had to found out the way to go back to the camp. That was so scary, even I never walked alone in aforest…it was the first time me, lost in a  forest…oh God…I think I never back to camp anymore..

Walked…and walked…

no one, only bushes and dark night …long time…until tired..

remember my parent…my sister,,,

 pray to God…

walked…and walked again..

finally I catch shine…

there was a camp fire..there was a group of people…oh God.. they’re scout..I found them…I was not lost…

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