Language in Diversity


Underline the correct punctuation mark or formatting type in the parentheses to complete the punctuation marks. Each question has only one correct answer. There are 17 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 1 minute per question.

  1. To form a contracted form of the verb, such as ‘don’t’, I need to use _____. (a comma, an apostrophe, italics)
  2. Each sentence should always begin with a (n) _____. (exclamation point, capital letter,  heading)
  3. When giving a list of objects such as ‘hat, jacket, scarf and gloves’, need to separate each object by inserting a _____. (period, comma, colon)
  4. If you want to show that you are really excited in a sentence use a (n) _____! (capital letter, exclamation point, bold)
  5. It is necessary to use a _____ after “http” when typing a URL.( dash, colon, semi-colon)
  6. Important information is often highlighted in documents by the use of ____. (capital letter, apostrophe, bold)
  7. Generally, links are ____ on web pages. (bolded, underlined, question marks)
  8. Telephone numbers in the United States often have groups of numbers separated by a _____. (quotation marks, dash, heading)
  9. In other countries, telephone numbers often have groups of numbers separated by a (n) _____. (slash, apostrophe, heading)
  10. Additional information within a sentence is often surrounded by _____. (parentheses, italics, quotation marks)
  11. An indirect question ends with a period, not with a (n) ____. (semi-colon, question mark, underline)
  12. The beginning of an article usually has some kind of _____ at the top. (heading, quotation marks, parentheses)
  13. When reporting what another person says, the author can use reported speech or direct speech, which is signaled by the use of _____. (parentheses, quotation marks, abbreviations)
  14. Long lists of items are often introduced by the use of a _____. (period, semi-colon, capital letter)
  15. The vast majority of sentences end in a ____. (dash, period, slash)
  16. Names of books, plays and other artistic creations are often put into _____. (exclamation point, italics, parentheses)
  17. Many common terms used in banking have universally accepted _____, which save typing time. (abbreviations, dash, heading)


Best of Luck



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