Language in Diversity

In this era of globalization, every country should prepare its people to communicate, such as language proficiency in Foreign Language. Holmes (1990 ; 87) defined that “The language as a tool used to communicate between people whose first language is not a foreign language.” Such as an Indonesian people, Indonesian government has prepared an expert in the field of education by providing learning a foreign language such as Mandarin and English from elementary school level. Even now kindegarten has used Foreign Languange as their main languange.

To further support children’s knowledge, the government made a formal education. Formal education is education in school which teaching and learning process begins among teachers in providing the knowledge to students who are studying. According to Government Regulation Number 20 Year 2003 Article 37 paragraph 1 item 3 Bahasa asing terutama bahasa Inggris merupakan bahasa international yang sangat penting kegunaannya dalam pergaulan global. This means that English Languange now has become the one of important lessons to be learned by students.

To communicate in English we must know the English word correctly. This is because the statue of English Language in our country as the first foreign language. This is one of the most important things that must be learned by students to communicate with people from another country. Moreover, these decisions are followed up by the Directorate General of Education to the Ministry of National Education in 2001 to include English lessons and other foreign languages into the education curriculum at elementary school.

Learn English for students at the elementary level, especially in first class is not easy. Because the first language that children use are Indonesian or can be called also as mother tongue. When students are studying English, there are some problems that they face in the learning process. Such as English sound system is different from the way the writing system.

Problems in learning English for elementary level, especially First Grade Students are the lack of student knowledge about words in English. The result from the study conducted by Ririt (2004) and Efrini (2004) say that “Teaching English for Elementary students usually use textbooks. The students expect the teacher to use some media and interest students in class. And most of them teachers not give correction in students pronunciation.” It means usually teachers just write new words on the board and told students to imitate, but students also do not know whether their pronunciation is correct or not. The problems show up not only from students but also from teacher. Teachers have a lot of patience, especially in teaching English for Elementary School.

The creativity from the teachers themselves is also one factor of difficulty of student learning. This prompted the writers to try a technique that can definitely help students in learning and also can solve the problems faced by teachers. Creating a fun atmosphere for students can help them in learning English in the classroom. Fun atmosphere in the classroom will be able to reduce the sense of fear among the students in learning English and also can help students understand the lessons quickly.

Learning through song can be recommended for teachers in teaching English. Because of learning through song will make the atmosphere in the classroom more comfortable to learn English and easily understandable. Students for First Grade at Elementary School can understand a short and simple sentences like song. According to Konstantinovic (1973:25) said that “Learn to use song in language learning for children not only enrich their vocabulary but also enhance their knowledge in English.” It means, teacher can use song to make students enjoy in learning English in the classroom.

The key is teacher must create a fun atmosphere for students learning, it become enjoy in learning English. The best way of using songs to students is easy to remember and sing it over and over again. This is make the writer to find out whether song can be used as a tool for teaching English and is there any impact on student learning outcomes. Also shows that the songs can be used by teachers in teaching students at elementary school.


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