Language in Diversity


Beautiful in Diversity

By Yuni Budiawati ( a student of syariah banking at  State Islamic University of Jakarta)

God created the creatures in pairs, there are black and white, day and night, male and female, and those differences have become provisions. And God does not create anything in vain; there must be a purpose of what He created.

Similarly, the human different places, environments and cultures in which they live bound to cause a lot of difference, the behavioral attitudes, thoughts and beliefs.

Basically, human beings are creatures of free, including in matters of religion. They have the right to decide to choose which beliefs they believe, regardless of whether he gets confidence from the teaching they receive from their families or from their own search. There is no coercion in choosing a religion, because coercion instead will eliminate sincerity and sincerity in believing one’s beliefs.

Every person must have a different idea, and everyone certainly has an opinion and a compelling reason to maintain confidence in front of others. Due to the religious beliefs that are apriority that a belief that there should be no evidence, because religion cannot always be studied and understood by human reason. Religion is not as a scientific theory to prove many times and a real test to prove its authenticity.

World have been swayed by the differences in these, ranging from conflict whites and blacks until the conflict between religions, which at the time of the white race was the most intense and powerful of the black people. Moreover, every religious see other religions as enemies so there is no peace and said no words to negotiate with each other and solve problems together. To wars between religions occur, each of them to maintain mutual confidence, self-esteem and their territory. Such as the Crusades and the capture of Jerusalem which are recognized as a sacred and historic place to third parties, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Of the enmity between religions was then in the 20th century the term comes the Modern State and Secular, where they consider religion as a disturbing thing in mind, life and liberty. Even in Europe alone this Modern State arising out of the bloody inter-religious conflicts that occurred in the mid-17th century.

Modern and the Secular State is born to resolve conflicts between religious communities, each of which tend to be exclusive, difficult to engage in a dialogue in a transparent and equal, and which one was more correct and closer to God than others. Modernization paradigm as the enlightenment’s biological son has changed the face of the world, however, different hopes, promises and predictions offered apparently missed. Technically, life has become much more comfortable and easy.

But apparently the presence of modern and secular state makes the state of the world is even more complicated. This secular country would condemn religious war but a way to reconstruct the thinking of those is with planting the new ideology of secularism and humanism that is understood. And ironically, the modern state that would strongly condemn religious war is actually waged first and second world wars were far more powerful than a religious war that ever happened.

            Then what about Indonesia, a country which consists of thousands islands bordered by the sea, and known as the island nation and state marine. Moreover, there is no doubt that Indonesia has a diverse population, both in terms of cultures, customs and religious beliefs.

Any previous ancestors have different beliefs. Most of them adopts Animism as the belief in the spirits of their ancestors. And a belief that has been ingrained in themselves and their lives. So it is not strange when the migrants who crossed into Indonesia and intends to spread his religion in the land of Indonesia is difficult to open the hearts of people to convert. So many ways that the settlers have to do to make the population receive the new religion they brought. Many subtle ways that they would take to get a place for their religion.

Until now, many religions and beliefs are existed in Indonesia. Though majority of Indonesian are moslem, it does not make Indonesia become moslem country. Many other religions are also embraced by the people of Indonesia and the country. They have been recognized as legitimate religions, namely Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Although there are many differences in religion, Indonesia has a very high tolerance between religious communities. It is not impossible if one day Indonesia will be divided if the people cannot respect each other and tolerate each difference. And this was almost the case when the moments Indonesia would be independent, just because the phrase in the first principle of Pancasila which reveals “Ketuhanan dengan kewajiban menjalankan syariat Islam bagi pemeluk-pemeluknya”. See religious differences exist in Indonesia, Moh. Hatta as the first vice-president did not want this problem to split its unity. Therefore, the first principle is changed into Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa”. Mutual understanding of the meaning and value of unity in faith that makes the difference in Indonesia is still intact this day.

Then what is the meaning of inter-religious harmony itself? Religious harmony is a form of peace that is created by the religious tolerance. Religious tolerance is a mutual understanding and respect without any discrimination in any case especially in religious matters.

God created the creatures in pairs, and humans live side by side in this world with other human beings in other parts of the world. There will be no peace in the world if the man cannot help his ego for a moment, and cannot tolerate the differences that exist in the surrounding.

And if that happens in the world, human life is no longer safe due to the impact of the dispute was not only cause discomfort in any man, but also can make a profound effect on the country in the issue of unity, economy and its political with other countries. Therefore it will create a non-stop war that will cause a bad effect to many civilian and the state continues to provide weapons to fight each other so that the levels of poverty and poor health increase, while education is also neglected. Furthermore, the world does not want to cooperate to the country so that the economical and political relations become unreliable. When the world really turns like that, where else would we go and seek a peaceful life. We only have one earth and we must share it with others. So keep in mind that tolerance very important in life.

The difference is unique and would make beautiful color collaboration for human life. Where the color difference can make people understand the meaning of living peacefully side by side, tolerate each other with any differences that exist. If you want to make the world a beautiful and peaceful with the differences, then why don’t we start it from now so that our grandchildren can continue it later?

Religion is God’s gift to every creature. Religions are existed to spread the peace so that we can learn from each other’s differences.

Yes, we are all different and the same. And I believe a true religious experience is one that leads us to see our differences as variations on a theme, variations that make the whole world even more breathtaking and beautiful.

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