Language in Diversity


         God created the creatures in pairs, there are black and white, day and night, male and female, and those differences have become provisions. And God does not create anything in vain; there must be a purpose of what He created. We are as his creation having differences in some ways; thought, cultures, attitudes, religions, and so on. In this night of New Year 1434 H (Islamic Year), I have three wishes for the next year to get better in my relation with my teachers/lectures, family, friends, and partners under unity in diversity.

            The first wish is being more respectful with them because I realize that I am not absolutely right and they are not wrong we are just different. Respecting each one another is most important than debating the differences, because being different is not that bad as long as there is understanding, good respectful and tolerance. Being different means we can help each other to fulfill each other needs. For example, when I have difficulties in my work in the other side you can opportunity to help me making my work getting easier and vice versa.

            The second one is KEEP in touch. Because we are one family under God, and Unity in diversity, we always must empower our relationship to get real togetherness in this life together we meet, share, act, and give. we need to work together to lead our minds and actions to reach our goals.

            The last is mutual understanding, tolerance each other to make peace in my loved country Indonesia which it’s perhaps yours also and in this world commonly. we do not resolve the differences with insulting and attacking or even killing one another. Sometimes a group of people insults and attacks other group because of differences they have. It is happened in our country. Start from now we have to realize how much we have same dreams, expectations, goals, problems, struggles, of even failures. It means that their expectations are our expectations, and their problems are our problems.

Finally, I really wish my wishes are going to come true for my better future. May God deliver his power to make those becoming true… Amen.

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