Language in Diversity

Improving Listening English Skill Using Video Materials


Nowadays, English is international language. Almost people want to be master in English. Consequently, English is to be learned in formal and informal institutions, such as: Schools, Universities, and Courses. Millions of people study English but only few succeed because they do not know strategies of learning for example; materials given.

Focusing on the materials given is very important thing which should be noticed in learning English. Because of that, the writer wants to give knowledge about learning English using video materials. According to Harmer (1991) and Sherman (2005) said that one of the strategies to improve English is using video materials, and meaning that video materials can be used in improving English which have the strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths of video materials in improving English according to Brumfit (1983) are: The first, video can give picture to the students. It means that video can help to understand the materials which are learned by learners. The second is video can help the learners’ to comprehend the language through watching. From watching the video, learners can get easy understanding the contents of material. The last is video can motivate and stimulate the learners to learn about English. Learners’ motivation can be grown using video material in learning English because from the video learners have been stimulated in easy English learning, therefore they will have big spirit learning English, and think English is easy for them.

And the weaknesses of video material in improving English are according to Sherman (2003) video materials are difficult for teachers if they are not well prepared in presenting materials, meaning that the teachers have to prepare more the video materials than other materials. Teachers unexpectedly prepare the materials without enough preparation. And according to Harmer (2001) that the teachers can not employ the video materials when they do not follow the procedures about how to create the activities that should be given to the students. In video materials, procedures are a base of learning process in improving English which has important thing. Teachers can’t get goals in improving English without using procedures of activities in learning English, and sometimes, the procedures make the teachers confused in learning process in the class.

After explaining the strengths and weaknesses of video materials, the little conclusion is that learning using video materials can be done by selecting video materials before presenting in to the learners. And the learners are just watching and listening toward the materials, after that they can discuses and answer the questions given by teachers. And using video materials can improve learners’ English without denying other strategies.



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