Language in Diversity



1.      Ask some one out    =mengundang seseorang untuk berkencan.

                                             = Amin asked Ahmad out to Surowono  last week.

2.      Asl around   =bertanya kepada  banyak orang banyak orang dengan peertanyaan yang sama.

                                = You ask around  about their activity/his house adds up to my salary in a year.

3.       Add up so something =Sama dengan

                                = Your friend gots the adding up to sme thing.

4.     Back something up.= memuundurkan .

                                =Your car must be bock up, because the other vehichle will be out.

5.     Back someone up :Mendukung

                                = Our friends backed you up to join the beauty carefest.

6.    Blow up  = meledak.

                                =The Gasv was blowing up in her kitchen .

7.    Blow something up = meniup ballon.

                                =In my class there are blower up by fan electric.

8.    Break down = rusak (kendaraan mesint )

                                =Our cycle break down, it is in in the work shop.

9.    Break down = bersedih hati.

                                = The father is breaking down when his son is in hospital.

10.  Break something down :membagi menjadi beberapa bagian kecil.

                                = Our teachers break down the student in small tea.

11.  Break in = masuk kedalam gedung dengan paksa.

                                =Some thiefs breaked in by police.

12.  Break into something =masuk dengan susah payah.

                                =The fireman had to break room where the house was fired.

13,  Break something in = memakai sesuatu beberapa kali shg tdk terlihat atau terasa baru. Memakai     sesuatu untuk membiasakan diri dengan sesuatu itu.

                                                =The womwn was break something in if she has a new cloth.

14.  Break in = menyela

                                              =The presenter was breaking in  the event.

15.  Break up = mengakhiri suatu hubungan.

                                                =Our friends were broken up before theygo home .

16.  Break up =mulai tertawa.(informal)

                                                =The spectator laugh  (break up) after wag joker appear.

17.  Break out. = melarikan diri.

                                                =The thief brokes out from jail when the police sleepy

18.  Break out in something = mengalami suatu kondisi tertentu pada kulit.

                                                =many my friends brokes out them legs after camping.

19.  Bring someone down=membuat sedih.

                                                =The war was bringing us down.

20.  Bring someone up=mengasuh anak.

                                                =Every parents bring up them child to hospital if sick

21.  Bring smething up= memulai sebuah topic pembicaraan

                                                =The wife works out of the kichen when her husband brings up work shops.

22.  Bring something up =muntah.

                                                =My friend dranks  so much that he broughs his dinner up.

23,  Call around =menelphon banyak tempat.

                                                =My family calls me , but I can’t answered because he calleds around.

24,  Call someone back =menelpon balik.

                                                =My family calls back me , so I am answering him.

25.  Call something off = membatalkan.

                                                =Mr Feen calls me his wedding was off because his mother didn’t agree.

26.  Call on someone.=minta sebuah jawaban atau pendapat.

                                                =The teacher cold on his student for question.

27.  Call on some one =mengunjungi seseorang.

                                                =The teacher cold on me yesterday night but I was going to Jakarta.

28.  Call some one up =menelepon.

                                                =Give him your phon number , in order he will call you.

29.  Calm down = rilek setelah marah.

                                                =He is stile mad,He needs to calm down b efore come on.


30.  not care for=   tidak menyukai (formal)


                                                =Don’t you care for his behavior ?

31.  Catch up =  menyusul.

                                                = You must run faster than me if if you want you catch up.

32.  check in = tiba dan mendaftar pada sebuah hotel atau bandara.

                                                =You must get the hotel keyis when you check in.

33.  check out= meninggalkan hotel.

                                                =We must check out of the hotel before

34.  Check someone /smething out=memperhatikan dengan seksama, memeriksa.

                                                =The officer cheecks out allnew employe

35.  Check out someone/something =melihat (imformal).

                                                =checking out the hair of student is real.

36-  Cheer up = menjadi lebih bahagia.

                                                = You cheered up when you read  news paper.

37.  Cheer someone up =membuat lebih bahagia.

                                                =Can you bringing some flawers for given to cheer you up my darling.

38.  Chip in=membantu

                                                =Can you cip in my mystical ?

39.  Clean something up =merapikan membersihkan.

                                                =We must clean up our bedroom before before we go outside.

40.  Come across something = bertemu secara tidak sengaja.

                                                =I come acrossmy friend when I arrived in ststion .

41.  Came apart. =berpisah.

                                                =The husband and the wife come apart as the first time.

42.  Cam down  with smothig =menjadi sakit.

                                                =My nephew comes down after heared his child in hospital.

43.  ome forward=maju secara sukarela untuk mengerjakan sebuah tugas memberikan bukti.

                                                =The husband comes forward  with his wifes

44.  Come from somewhere= berasal dari.

                                                = The originile Coffe from  Brazil.

45.  Coun on  someone/something =mengandalkan pada.

                                                =Do your counting on me to make life ?

46.  Cross something out= mencoret.

                                                =Please  cross out  your old number  HP by new number.

47.  Cut back on something =mengurangi konsumsi.{makan}

                                                =Cauting back and sweetes  and fatty foods is importand for a man.

48.  Cut something down = merobohkan

                                                =After the storm , the old tree had been cut down

49.  Cut in= menyela

                                                =While I was dancing with your uncle my father cut in.

50.  Cut in = memotong jalan.

                                                = The driver is pleasure to cut in  if jam .

51.  Cut in = mulai pengoperasian (mesin atau peralatan electronic)

                                                =If temperature  22.o C. the airconditioner cuts in.

52.  Cut something off = memotong dengan peralatan tajam.

                                                = Scissor is one instrument for cut off.

53.  Cut something off = menghentikan pelayanan , memutus.

                                                 =When we didn’t pay the phone the phon company was cutting off.

54.  Cut someone off = mengucilkan.

                                                = The public cut off  a lazy man.

55.  Cut something out = memotong sesuatu (biasanya pakaian dengn gunting & kertas.

                                                =The tailor cut out  the textile for making  clothes   .

56.  Do someone /something over = merusak, merampok, (Br e  informasi)

                                                = To be straight, the way, must be done over.

57.  Do something over= mengerjakan lagi.

                                                = Does my teacherwant met todo my essay over becomr

48.  Do away  with something = membuang.

                                                =when he is do away with all of these old tax record ?

49.  Do something up = mengencangkan, menutup

                                                =You must coat up before you go outside.


60.  Dress up = memakai pakaian yang bagus.

                                                = we have do dress up if a fancy restaurant.

61.  Drop back = mundur dalam sebuah posisi /kelompok.

                                                =When Mamat fall off Mr Ali dropped back to underside .

62.  Drop in/by/over = dating tanpa  perjanjian  terlebih dulu , mampir

                                                = Sometime you drop in by/over for coffe

63.  Drop someone /something 0ff= mengantar

                                                = Before you come over  I have to drop my sister  off at work

64.  Drop out = Keluar dari kelas, sekolah etc.

                                                =The lazy man dropped  out from his working .

65.  Eat out = makan di restoran /warung.

                                                =  Let’s eat out to like cooking restaurant

66.  End up = akhirnya melakukan, memutuskan, sampai pada.

                                                = If we got complicated to the theatre we ended up renting a CD

67.  Fall apart = pecah menjdi beberapa bagian

                                                = my plate fel apart in the washing

68.  Fall down =jatuh ke tanah

                                                =My T. shirt that you  hung up yesterday fell down this morning.

69.  Fall out =jatuh keluar.

                                                =The cigarette has fallen out of my pocket.

70.  Fall out = copot, rontok, berkaitan dengan rambut/gigi)

                                                =My hairs were starting to fall out become my old 72 th  years.

71.  Figure  something  out= memahami menemukan  jawaban.

                                                =you must figure out , how to answer your problem.

72.  Fill something in=mengisi tiktik (N Anwar )

                                =Fill in this form with x 4 if you agree.

73.  Fill  something out = mengis titik-titik.

                                =The form must be filled out by capital letter.

74.  Fill something up=mengisi penuh sampai keatas

                                =Your motor cycle must be filled  up by patrol when it’s empty.

75.  Fill out= menemukan.

                                =I don’t know where  my uncle house is how I can  fine out.

76.  Fill something out =menemukan.

                                                =Try to keep the Good course, but now we found it out.

77.  Get something across /over =mengatakan.mengemukakan, supaya pendengar faham,

                                                =Do you try to get your point across /over to the judge but your friend  would not listen

78.  Get along on=menyukai satu sama lain.

                                                =The husband and the wife must get along / on whenever.

79.  Get eround.= bergerak, berjalan , berkeliling.

                                                =The grandfather can get around by well chair.

80,  Get away= berlibur.

                                =Every man who worked hard must get away for mont  in one year.

81.  Get away with something = melakukan tanpa diketahui atau dihukum.

                                                =The student  who gets away with cheating in exam must be punished.

82.  Get back =kembali

                                                =We must get back from our vocation last week.

83.  Get something =mengembalikan sesuatu

                                                =Amin gets my history book back to my roommate .

84.  Get back at someone =membalas dendam.

                                =my brother got back at me for borrowing  books.

85.  Get back into something= tertarik lagi pada sesuatu.

                                =My friend finally  got back into dormitory.

86.  Get on something.=masuk kedalam sebuah kendaraan.

                                =If I go back to Tasik I will be getting the train.

87.  Get over something= sembuh dari penyakit , kesedihan, kesulitan.

                                =Do you just get over the flu ?.

88.  Ger over something =mengatai sebuah permasalaha

                                =The non government school can be closed if it can’t  get over the new reputation

89.  Get round to something = Akhirnya mendapatkan waktu untuk  melakukan sesuatu

                                =I don’t know when I am studying to get round to studying English.

90.  Get together  = bertemu (biasanya untuk tujuan social)




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