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Synopsis of “The Secret”

The Secret told about secrets of life. Environtment will help us to pursuit our dreams and make it come true. There is nature power which responses our energy, and throw us back. When we opened our mind, and felt the nature force, we would get the miracle experiences, cheerful and happiness. But, when we hold our mind with negative thinking and grumbling about our life, we never feel comfort and happy in our life.

Do you know why? When you think negatively, you are building a great black block in your mind and it will refuse all positive energy from your self, other people, and environment. Do you realize, if what you are thinking ringht now,that means, your mind is building something for your future. What you focused, it will match with your life. Everything happen in our life, it never being fortunate. All it happens because of you thought about it. Just give your big sincerity for everything you had and you will get more than before. You should think a great dreams, see , feel and believe it. Never let the black block come to your mind.

There are three great points to make our dreams come true. First, We have to beg for our God. Declare and ask for God your dreams, everything you want. Second, just feel it have come true. You should feel your dreams come true right now. Think about you are enjoying your live and Feel cheerful and happiness. Third, you should believe that your dreams will come true. Put your belief in the right place on your deep hearth. When you believe it, you will get amazing strength to pursuit your happiness. easy away, right. The last word I give you suggestion, you are what you think. So, it’s time for you.


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