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Getting a Good Job

            Getting a good job is a dream of every single person. However, getting a good job is not an easy thing. We have to compete with many people. Therefore, we have to have some skills that can be supporting modals in winning the competition. One of them is skill in making a job application letter. There are some processes in job application letter as follow.

            Firstly, write a resume and cover letter. You have to write trusted information about yourself in the resume. Next, ask your friends to check your resume. It is useful to let you know if there is something wrong, so you can correct that or add some information. After that, call the employer to know about the job vacancy information more detail. Forth, visit the employer to fill out your application form. It will ease you to make the application because you do not need to make your own form.

            The next step is sending your application, cover letter, and resume. It is better if you use an express kind of stamp in order to make your application, cover letter, and resume arrive as soon as possible. Then, wait a few days. If there is no information from the company, you have to call them to ask about your application. After that, follow up your application and confirm if they have gotten that. It needs to do in order to get the certainty. The last is attending the interview if they ask you to have that.

            It will not be difficult to make job application, if you follow the procedures and never forget to do your best for your better life with better job. You can try this in your making job application letter. This is based on my experiences applying some job.


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