Language in Diversity

1. Individual

In my opinion identity or label is very important thing for human. Person who has good identity usually will have good characters. Because of how important identity is, every person has to know who themselves are to communicate one another especially myself. I have fantastic identities including behaviors, characters, and cultures. I have some special characters; polite, strategic, wise, economical, humorous, and soon. And not only many characters but also many behaviors; discipline, responsibility, easygoing, confident, and many more. And also I myself have influenced java cultures because I was born in java and my all families are Javanese. The influence of java cultures is very strong; I have to keep and stay on all norms of Javanese in which as always emphasize politeness, and sociable.

From my individual background, I get how culture has affected my life and communication. It parallels to the theories that culture is symbol, transmitted inter-generationally, and dynamic. But sometimes, I think that culture becomes ethnocentric, and calamities. And my identity becomes bridge between cultures and communication, because the identity will give me the social science perspective, the interpretive perspective, and the critical perspective. The individual background has given communication effects for example; explaining racial, ethnic, regional, and personal background.

2. Social

My social life is as not different as with my identity. It means that my social life has big influences from my identity. Communication with another need what my identity is because the important thing in social activities is who we know who we are, and how we communicate with another which has deferent or same identity. My identity has helped me to communicate with another same or even different people’s cultures and identity. In the fact, in social activities I always take care with my identity meaning that I am afraid of misunderstanding communication happened in social communication. And I try to know my social partner’s identity to prove parallel communication as we have known that we live in the country which has many different cultures and personal identities.

Because identity is never stable or always changing, we have to know who we are and our partners’ identities are to decrease factors which can make identity changing those are social forces, racism, and multicultural identity. And in communication we have to stay away from the dark side of identity such as; stereotyping, prejudice, racism, ethnocentrism because those dark sides can be problem in social activities for example verbal or nonverbal communication. Knowing own identity is very important in social activities because identity can give scope in communication with ethics of personal identity, and can be limitation when doing personal contact with another.

3. Culture

Talking about identity means that we can’t go off our own cultures because it can be one thing which can describe who we are especially I am. From culture somebody can be valued and described. Because I am Javanese, I have special cultures which are brought from my family and become my characteristics including language, custom, social life, and soon. My special cultures are; language, I master in java language which consist of many dialects and levels used those are “ngoko,madya,kromo,kromo inggil”, custom, Javanese has own customs for example; muharoman which celebrate in the first month of java calendar and so on, and social life, Javanese people highly respect social life one another such as; harmoniousness, cooperation, loyalty etc.

Our country Indonesia has many different cultures such as; Sundanese, Javanese, Padangnese, and so on. Because of that, Indonesia has many kinds of people with different identity or culture. It also can have potential to occur a gap and a conflict because of the dark side of identity or culture like; stereotyping, prejudice, racism, ethnocentrism, but we can prevent it by giving explanation how important acquiring and developing identities each people based on their identity, establishing and enacting cultural identity, and identity in intercultural interactions, and identity in a multicultural society are. So every people has to stay away from stereotyping, prejudice, racism, ethnocentrism by doing personal contact, educational programs, try to be honest, respect freedom, positive contact, learn to be open to new views, and try to avoid dogmatism.

From explanation above, we have little knowledge of how important cross cultural understanding is. There are many steps which should do to understand cross cultures in the life especially in our country Indonesia. Starting from individual identity, then using individual identity to do social activities or communication with same or even people’s different culture, and understanding cultures to know scope our own cultures and another people’s different culture to decrease everything which does not to be.


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