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Everybody wants to be a success people in the life. They always do everything that makes them being success, but it needs motivation and spirit which will be grown by their dreams. Of course, when they have a dream in their life, they will make different in their life. Because of that let’s make a dream for our life in the future, like my dream when I was child.

When I am taking about a dream in the life, it makes me remember of some dreams of myself that is when I was still blue some people said like, I had some dreams became an entrepreneur and a traveler. Actually I did not know why I thought about it, but in the deeper of my heart  I wanted to be an entrepreneur  because maybe my parent is an entrepreneur also, so it influenced my thinking of a dream and when I saw my parent was working, there was nobody organized them to do their work. Moreover they used to work when they wanted and also they used to keep their serious and spirit of the work, even though the other side becoming an entrepreneur was challenge for them as we have known that a world is like a ball, some time we are on up and down also. The conditions are as nobody organizes in the work, many challenges, and always thinking seriously in the work. It forced my dream became an entrepreneur.

The second of my dreams was I wanted to be a traveler, it based on the first dream that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, after having become a success entrepreneur, I would have much money, so I could use the money to go around my country specially and go around the world. When I went to abroad I would know about many cultures in Indonesia like Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, and so on. And knew about wealthy of my country and I would know more about another countries like what will get from my country (culture, mode/life style and so on).

I am still thinking of my dreams and focusing that will be happened in the future in my life, and the last I always pray unto Allah SWT, may Allah give what I want and I hope you pray me also to help my asking for  all of the dreams.

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