Language in Diversity


                                                       Who’s the wrong in my English?

Millions of people study English but only few succeed. It may be true happened in our country Indonesia. The fact, many people study English, but there are many problems founded; how bad method of teaching English is, how ineffective curriculum of teaching English is and so on. Based on my experience studying English when in junior high school and senior high school, there were many ineffective methods which should not be applied in teaching.

Less interactive communication in teaching English was one of the method problems. When the teachers delivered materials, they did not implicate the students in teaching. The teacher only focused on delivering materials. They did not care how students knew the materials. On the other side, the teachers were used to giving many tasks but less discussion to the tasks.

And the next problem was less facilities on learning and teaching English. Facilities on learning and teaching were very important, because the students could get learning on many ways using many facilities, and teachers could not improve their teaching-using less facilities. At that time, the teachers could not expos what they thought to the students using less-facilities, but at present, teachers and students can use many facilities to expose, improve, and practice their English.


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