Language in Diversity


                                                 TRAP by Peter Mathers

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

This novel has many characters, but the most interesting in my opinion is;

  • Jack Trap as Hero
  • Cruxtwist as Foreman, Lothario
  • Mrs Nathan as Rich Astrologer
  • Town Clark as Manipulator

The point of the story is interesting. I think the interesting the story in this novel is when Trap to invited his followers are going travel north to  Naraki Mission and Trap and his followers are going north to make a trouble. He is said to have said, a gesture is called for. We won’t all make it, but someone, at least, is sure to reach the cape. There we will talk with Naraki people. They feel their betrayal keenly. They are accustomed to cooperating, so we will settle outside their cooperative. And the Trap and the follower has a reason why they are going there 1. Trap wants to go out with a bang. 2. He is always wanted a tropical fruit fram. 3. He is lately got rheumatism in his neck and thinks the warmth will cure it. 4. He is absolutely potty and seeks to purity his band in the wilderness. Mrs. Nathan misunderstood about Naraki mission and he explained about Naraki mission.

The point of the story or behavior that is confusing is when the Trap and their follower didn’t a specific reason why they are going there. And in this novel just tell some reason why they are going to north.

Part that I dislike most is when Cruxtwist said that he takes seriously his pledge to destroy cities, or rather the old fashioned, densely populated city centers, but actually the case is mission Naraki didn’t to destroy a city.

Personal experience or thought related the book is I think I don’t have some experience like in this novel to make a mission, may be in this novel tell the experience about the mission.

How I would change the story? If I to be the writer this novel, I will change the story in this novel with to tell the specific reason why Trap and their follower make a mission to Naraki in the part of north.

Larger issues that raised in this novel is about Trap which is going to North to a mission and to talk the Naraki people about the business

The experience while I reading this novel is that when I read this novel, actually I don’t read all this book I just read the interesting part in this novel and it is need a time four days  in my house and I don’t read in the campus, because I cannot concentrate. How much I read I don’t have a case like this novel, because this novel talking about mission and I have never been doing a mission in my life.


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