Language in Diversity

The Web

                                               The Web by Jonathan Kellerman

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

The novel has many characters. They are Alex Delaware who is a criminal psychologist by trade, Robin Custagra is Alex’s wife who worked in international medicine and public health (student health center), Dr. Lyman picker is somebody who had vaccine in which was injected in civil society of knife island, Gina is as master of spiders, Tom Creedman is as reporter who has ever taken report of the knife island, Andrey Hog Goods is as ex-police in Washington, Emma is as spoiled cone of spider’s leg, and Mr. Macho is somebody who took responsible the mission in several years ago in knife island in which there was killing case.

In my opinion, the point that interesting is when Alex and his wife wanted to know about the society in the island that was said that the society is strange after given vaccine by Dr. Lyman several years ago. Alex and his wife had planning to prove what happened in the island is, but they invited Gina who is master of spider because in the island there are many kinds of spider and said that there are spider mustards. After they arrived in the island, they found the society of the island had strength disease, so they predicted that it was caused by the vaccine’s effect, and the other side they found vestige of killed people in the cave. And they looked for the agent which did it, finally they the agent those are; Tom, Hog, and Dr. Lyman.

The point of the story that is confusing is when suddenly Tom, Hog, and Dr. Lyman have relationship one another to do this crime, whereas as I know Tom is as reporter, Hog is as ex-police and Dr. Lyman is scientist but the fact they were not coordinating one another. And why Dr. Lyman and his friends had planning to kill all people in the island where their basic reason is to prevent vaccine dispersed.

Part that I dislike is when Dr. Lyman, Hog and Tom did killing people and tried to keep whereas they are people who have to prove where the truth is, and they are apparatus of government.

Personal experience or thought related to this novel is I can know the author’s writing style, and I was very enthusiastic to continue every chapter till end. I can learn about this story that every person who has position in the life has to do what they should do. And I also give the lesson that when we have problem caused what we do, we have to solve it using many steps not delete from our lives. This case is like Dr. Lyman and friends did. When I were the writer of the story I will delete some characters who have not much function in this novel like Gina, and Emma, and the other thing I will give interesting title not like the original title of this novel.

Larger issues that raised this novel were about overcoming the case that was happened in the place using anarchist ways with killing all the people, and something wrong in bringing vaccine, even thought the first purpose is to help them better.

The experience while I reading this novel is I was very curious about the next chapter’s story, and I was interested to Alex and his wife when they analyze the case even though they have to oppose the difficult ways. And this novel gave inspiring motivation when I was reading it.


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