Language in Diversity



(Reviewed AHMAD NUR SAEFUL)                                                                     

I felt interested in this novel when I saw the cover and epilogue. In the cover there is a swan with trumpet that swimming on the water. And the summary in the epilogue made me want to know the continuity of the story which tells about the swan which could not make sound not like his brothers and sisters. The swan even went to the school to learn to read and write. But nothing seems to work. Then his father stole a real bass trumpet that using to make sound.

There are some main characters in this novel. Sam who was eleven and had last name was Beaver. He was strong for his age and had black hair and dark eyes like an Indian. Louis, the best character is the name of Swan which couldn’t make sound when he wanted to say everything, but he always did something to be saying like his brothers and sisters such as; learning to read and write with going to the school with Sam. I dislike the shopkeeper’s character because of what he did that was taking a gun to Louis. Louis’ parents who always gave him motivation and stole a trumpet on the shop for Louis. Whether it was dangerous for Louis, because of what they did.

I choose the tragedy when Louis knew that He couldn’t make sound a sound, He learned more to read and write. Finally, He could write what he wanted to say. It was happened, because of Sam who brought him to the school and Sam’s teacher who teaches him how to write when He goes to the School. But He was not satisfied with what he got. And then his father gave a stolen trumpet. When Louis could use trumpet to say and sing till getting much money, the shopkeeper saw Louis with trumpet. Because He had much money, he wanted to pay the trumpet. When he was in front of the shop, Shopkeeper fires a gun to Him. Finally, the doctor gave help to Louis.

I have learned that should not underestimate our weakness, and we have to do everything to cover it up. And also do everything carefully, it means that think more before decide to do, so that we don’t regret in the next. In this case, the shopkeeper didn’t know Louis’ purpose. He immediately fired the gun. Because of that, he felt regret what he did.  





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