Language in Diversity

The Tenth Commandment

The Tenth Commandment by Lawrence Sanders

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

The novel has many characters. They are Joshua Bigg, Mr. Kipper, Prof. Stonehouse, and Mr. Godfrey Knurr. Julian. Joshua is reddish hair, a detective in TORT which had given his the detective knowledge. Mr. Kipper is the calm man, has good attitude. Then, Prof. Stonehouse is the lecturer in one university that was missing before was killed. And Mr. Knurr is pastor who has good ability and good attitude when meeting people but has bed purpose to use religion to get much wealth and good position till killed people.

In my opinion, the point that interesting is when Mr. Bigg had new case to fine Prof. who missed after taking dinner with his family, and the other side, Bigg had to overcome the killing of Mr. Kipper. Those cases were very difficult because of no witness to find some clues about those cases. Finally, Bigg and his friends investigated their each family to know when Prof. was going, and When Mr. Kipper was looked at. Then, he knew something deformed to Mr. Knurr’s attitude. He tried to monitor Knurr till finally Mr. Bigg found Prof.’s body in the freezer with bad condition. And Bigg caught Mr. Knurr.

The point of the story that is confusing is when Knurr as pastor did bad attitude but still became pastor and leaded the people who wanted to pray and sometimes went to some place that unfamiliar doing unknown thing.

Part that I dislike is when Knurr became the leader in praying. Over there many people who believed that he was the best man in religion habit.

Personal experience or thought related to this novel is I can know the author’s writing style, and I was very enthusiastic to continue every chapter till end. I can learn about this story that religion can’t be tool to get every people’s need. And, if I were the writer this novel, I will change the story not only finding the killer but also till giving character punishment and continuing Bigg’s love story with come woman.

Larger issues that raised this novel is about overcoming the case that was lying religious became the tool to get wealth and position in this world.

The experience while I was reading this novel is I was very curious about the next chapter’s story, and I was afraid of Knurr’s character about what he had did.

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