Language in Diversity



Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful                                

            I interested to this novel since I read the title (The Silver Bears). It told me that this novel talks about the world money game by the prophetic master of high finance and high adventure. And there were some names of the Banks like Swiss Bank, Switzerland Bank, and some people who have much money look for the best bank for their businesses but the other side there was mafia bank. So it made me curious about it.

            There were some characters, like : Albert (the ambition and person who wants to try the silver business then he had much money), Doc Smythe (He is quit person but always uses his mind to think everything happened), Firdausy (the rich man from Iran and he have known more about the deposit arrangements of the bank specially in Switzerland), Ronald and Debby his wife (who had a opinion that he had Bank, but it is lying and Debby is sexy woman where everybody interested to her) and there were many friends of them in their business.

            The best businessman was Albert, because he had many experiences and knowledge about the area finance where he had the system of finance became three words that were long, short, and future which he had explained to Doc and the others where it was connected with the silver, and he had known about the mafia of the bank which it disturbed their business and he could reveal about Ronald that he did not have bank.

            I have learned about the business that is not cash money-transaction and known that when we have much money with business we had better know who our friends are, like Albert and Doc who are always careful with what they do and also do not forget to always make relationship with others, it can make us having friend everywhere we life and every time we work like them.














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