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The Saffron Robe

                                  The Saffron Robe    by T. Lobsang Rampa

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

The novel has many characters, Lobsang Rampa, Prince Gautama, and Amasiks. Lobsang is somebody who wanted to study about Buddha, and he was meditating hidden behind a big buddhasta in the temple – and had fallen in sleep when he suddenly woke up and saw the ritual. Gautama is somebody who had the best knowledge of Buddha’s laws, even he was like prophet for Buddha people. And Amasiks is person who had good attitude and instruction how to get right way, even people believed that he was their cleric.

In my opinion, the point that interesting is Lobsang’s study process to get right away. He did many steps; from the basic, middle, high, or Hasa that are Potala and Norbulinga inside. He tried to get some answer of his anxieties of word problem becoming quietness on his life. He had many experiences in each step that he was allowed, till finally he had grace that was can talk with fish.

The point of the story that is confusing is when Price Gautama sometimes used Dalai Lama in event, and there are many difficult word of Buddha definition without clear explanation. And I dislike when Lobsang did over activities to emphasize his desire by doing over doing penance.

Personal experience that is related to this novel is I can know the author’s writing style that using difficult words of Buddha, and I wanted to know many social values that was like Lobsang did. And, if I were the writer this novel, I will give clear definition of difficult words, and using simple word do express the event happened not too more addition words.

Larger issues that raised this novel was about person that wanted to look for right way for his life by using Buddha became the tool, then wanted to get quietness in his life, and get high level in worship.

The experience while I read this novel is I was very hard and bored when found difficult words that were without clear definition and sometimes, I understand the story with long duration.


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