Language in Diversity



(Reviewed by AHMAD NUR SAEFUL)

Actually, the first time when I saw the novel, I had question that what happened in the house in the lane. But the fact, the story of the novel is monotone. The event that happened was flat. The people were doing activities like people do commonly. It told us about St. Martin’s family that lived in the lane of the village with many children. Martin’s activities were keeping on all children every day. The names of all children were Roy, Robert, Jecolyn, David, and John. The children had many different activities around the house every day. They got many experiences from the house’s environment.

There were some characters in this novel. St. Martin-she is beautiful kind woman who always gives the best guarding to her children when the children are still doing growth time. And also Robert who is the oldest children, John is the youngest child, Jecolyn who is only one sister, David is five years old, and Roy is seven years old. The oldest one who is the best character in my opinion always gave keeping to his brothers who sometimes made him angry and bored. But the other time they could make situation and feeling happy. And I dislike Roy because sometimes he underestimates his brother’s ability.

I chose the event when Robert and his brothers and sister went out in the night to see moon but without permission to their mother using back house-tunnel. But when they were walking on dark tunnel john lost, all was panic. Robert said,” calm down!” and he try to find john and look for him by himself. The other side Robert asked for Jecolyn to keep the others in that place, he would come back. Finally, He found john who was striving for squirrel.

I have learned that becoming person who is oldest and capable than others has to keep them by his power and don not ignore the other’s actor. In this case is same with the Robert and his brothers and sister had problem. Robert keeps them but the other side He also needs the other’s actor to help Robert when he wants to do something.  






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