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The Eye of the Tiger

                                             The Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

This novel has many characters inside such; Harry Bruce is the soldier who gets sick of the killing and he decides to do a simple robbery with his friend but he knows that he was making an error. And Harry Fletcher is old soldier, was risen from the ranks to a position of command, he was the brain and man that followed him was the muscle. And Fetcher’s friends are Jimmy who has poor company, Charly Materson, and Mike Guthrie. They were joining to do some mission in the island.

The point of the story or behavior that is interesting. I think the interesting story in this novel is when Harry decided to join new business with Fletcher who had invented his friends. He did it to get some cash and buy a boat, and made travel from one island to another island, but there were something happened that Fletcher’s friends; Jimmy, Matershon, and Guthie going to St. Mary’s island to get the eye of the tiger that was the diamond on the figure that was like tiger wanted to kill Harry using boom and he was banded. Finally he could overcome that problem with fighting them and taking the eye of the tiger home, because that diamond Harry became the very rich man.

In my opinion, the point of this story is confusing when Fletcher recognized his friends but his friends wanted kill Harry, when their friends wanted to kill Harry he know about the place situation and condition even though the other side they invited Harry to give information about the place of the eye of the tiger.

Part that I dislike most is when Fletcher recognized his friends who wanted to kill Harry in the island and Harry’s decision to do something to get much money with doing that business.

Personal experience that relates the book is that I think I have to be careful to our friends whoever they are, because based on this story the friend became the enemy who wanted to kill Harry.

If I were to be the writer this novel, I will change Harry’s story, because in this novel the soldier that should save the place from every people who wanted to do crime, but the fact Harry wanted to do something to get much money with doing robe.

Larger issues that raised this novel when somebody who wanted to get money from the other job and unfaithful friend. That case has happened in harry’s life in this story.

The experience that I get while I reading this novel was I spent much time reading this book because at that time I had many activities that should I do so, I read everywhere I have spare time and I got fine. And I always remember that all friends are not always good for us.


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