Language in Diversity



Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful                                                                                               

The novel in my opinion is interesting to read. Because when I read the apologia, it is based on the real experience of some victims of the colditz camp and explained about someone who wants to escape from the Colditz camp and escape from the World War II. The always used to try kinds of the manner to escape, so we can imagine how spirit they are! It makes me want to know about the story.

There were some characters, like: Rupert (he was twenty-nine, he was dressed smartly and was imposing personality with his handsome and he was professional soldier and had been educated at king’s school. Sailor Nealy (He was a lieutenant of the Fleet Air Arm) and Kenneth Loockwood (he was a captain of the queen’s royal regiment. They joined together to escape the Colditz camp, they always met to arrange the manner how to go out from here.

The best part was when Rupert, Kenneth and his friend wanted to escape by roofs and tunnel of the camp, in the first time they could from the camp area. They have had recaught about sixty-three miles away, after eight days freedom. And then they came back to the camp any way they tried to recognize more to the other people (French, Dutch, Chinese, and Indian.) they agreed to escape together by group, one group four people and then finally they did it.

I have got learn, we must unity to get once needed of our purpose and to get our purpose we have to do hard like Rupert and friends’ who do not care about difference of them such as nationality, language, culture Etc.        











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