Language in Diversity


                                      The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

This novel has many characters inside such as Alex Cross, Wolf, Pasha Sorokin Lawrence and the others, but the most interesting for me are Alex Cross that had ever become a detective and doctor before being member of FBI, Wolf that is the big mafia from Russia and having bad attitude as enemy, and Lawrence that bring information about Wolf’s barrack used for merchandising women.

The point of the story or behavior that is interesting. I think the interesting story in this novel is when Alex becomes member’s FBI to solve women abduction case in America. In this case, Wolf becomes power behind the scenes of the case. One of women that abducted is federal judge’s wife, the name is Claudia Schiffer. It makes FBI has to work hard, where Alex participates inside till known that the big boss is Wolf. Alex tries to uncover hard. Then he meets Lawrence who has ever bought woman in the one place and brings him information going to Ohuas North shore, because of Wolf wants to kill Lawrence’s father. Finally, Alex and friends go there and find Claudia then catch someone that reputed the big boss Wolf, but it is wrong. He is Pasha Sorokin who is Wolf crew that has branch in that place.

The point of confusing story, I think the point of this story is confusing when Alex is trying to prove who the boss is, his wife comes and she wants to divorce with him more over he always gives everything best that he can do and he left his prophesy becoming a doctor to identify this case.

Part that I dislike most is when Alex invites to time work with his friends, they work easy only in their abilities. The other is when Alex sees his wife doesn’t obey law rules but Alex does not give her punishment.

Personal experience or thought related the book is that I think in my experience I have to keep truth law even thought is my family contravenes the law Like Alex’s experience. The other experience is I am anxious to continue the next chapter of the novel.

How I would change the story? If I am to be the writer this novel, I will change the story, because in this novel Wolf went to unknown place that did not be explained his familiar places always not permanent and the plot of the story is jumped. And for Alex’s character wife should support him not inverense.

Larger issues that raised this novel when Claudia Schiffer was lost, it became serious case that held by FBI to find the big boss Wolf and force Alex to leave his prophesy moving on member of FBI to find the boss.

The experience while I reading this novel is that when I read this novel I’m very angry when Alex’ wife did not give support for his effort finding the boss mafia. She always underestimate Alex because of his decision leaving doctor prophesy.


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