Language in Diversity


(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

Actually, when I saw the cover of the novel, I felt that the novel was not so good. But after I thought more about it, it is good to know about the story because the story is about the mysterious and exciting legends of heroes in ancient Greece. Those are some of the oldest and the most famous stories in the world, the adventures of Heracles, Hermes, and Apollo etc. With the simple explanation, the myths of this version are enthrallingly vivid.

There were some characters, like Heracles (a strong and dare man who has more ability than are people usual for example he could defeat a wild lion), Hermes and Apollo (they were always ready to help and they were afraid of nothing, they were son of Zeus (one of the name of Greek’s gods), Prometheus (the good and kind, taught men all the art and crafts of live, he showed them how to build house and make tools etc.).

The best part of this novel was when each heroes showed up his mercy, behavior and ability for example was Heracles was born, he has more ability than a baby was usual, he could play with snakes and when he became adult all of his life was to help people because of that king of Thebes was afraid and sent messenger to give him the punishment that was fighting with the wild lion finally he was the winner. And when all heroes of Greek had problem Zeus always give them the smart solution for solving it.

I have known about tales of the Greek heroes where they had more ability than another people but they were not arrogant with their ability like Heracles, Hermes and Apollo and the others and I must always give something the best of my life what I have to do to another people because the Greek heroes always do it.







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