Language in Diversity


The situation in my village

                 One day, in my village there are situations which I dislike such as dry season, harvest fail and hall on the street, but the situations that I dislike is the hall in the street, because the situation in my village is being crowded right now. When I came over there, there was a lot of the hall on the street, the hall on the street that because of the rain which used to down and it made the street on the road being broken. I’m so surprise when I saw the street in my village was broken, I saw the hall in the street I anywhere and I saw the car and the motorcycle tried to avoided those hall, it’s so dangerous to the driver. It was also because of the rain. Factually, because of the big transportations used to overrunning the way, the street was getting broken. One day, when the holiday came, I decided to go to my village, I’m so miss with the situation over there, because of my village has a big mountain, I can see this mountain that is so beautiful, and in the morning, I used to look at beautiful scenery of the mountain and feel the fresh air.


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