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                                                           Let’s visit KOPMA UIN JAKARTA

(By Ahmad nur Saeful)

UIN-Syarif Hidayatullah of Jakarta has determined each canteen which enters into campus area has to have Rector license-letter, it means allowed such as Kopma UIN and Dharma Wanita. In spite of this, each canteen has several components which should be available inside including the facility and the quantity of the canteen, because those will determine canteen to give interesting impression to visitor.

The prime visitor of all canteens is scholar (object) because it located in the campus. Accordingly, scholar has many chooses, where a canteen they will choose based on their wish. According to somebody, mentioned Fahri Baharudin who had ever done survey when he was first year in that university, He said, “most student university more like buying food and drinking in Kopma UIN than the others.”

The university student likes more Kopma UIN because several components; the first, like mentioned that is the facility itself, including place to eat is the important one based on some people because it can motivate their willing to eat when they feel comfortable sitting over there. Instead of that is kinds of food and drinking, after choosing the place, scholars always think about what they want to order to eat, getting many chooses, it can make their feeling not bored. In another side, the other chooses of food and drink will be able to become next menu to try. At least, it can be opportunity binding costumer. Besides, customer service has to be counted, sometimes a customer does not care how delicious food is, but they will be impressed with the service of waitress so, they want to be settled customer.

The quality absolutely becomes the second one, why most students of this campus often buy food and drinking in Kopma UIN. When talking about quality, it has relation with the facility inside such as explained about the place to eat. In the fact, many students said that they felt comfortable when taking breakfast or lunch. Consequently, cleaning place is not to bad even though the situation is always crowded because of loaded by visiting scholars, and also about the quality of the food and drinking also can be tried such as Soto Ayam, Siomay, Baso, Mie Ayam and so on (kinds of food) and the drinking also certainly making everybody addicted to come again. And the most important, when talking about canteen especially for university student and everybody commonly is the price, the cheapest canteen but no two-bit usually becomes a fist choose, because their needs not only eating but also buying the other needs like reference book, stationary, washing tools and so on. So, they think that Kopma UIN is smart solution for buying some foods and drinks.

The short-explained information has given image that all scholars in State Islamic university of Jakarta like more the canteen which has qualified good facility and quality inside such as Kopma UIN.

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  1. I want to eat meat ball, bro. Please send me to my dormitory. Gg. Buntu Blok A Apartment. 😀

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