Language in Diversity



(Reviewed by AHMAD NUR SAEFUL)                                

Actually, the first time when I saw the novel, it is not interesting. I found on the cover three people on the float and on the right-corner top, it was jet plane picture. And the title was green river high. It did not make me interested. But when I read the prologue on the back cover, I found Borneo word. I think that it was name of the island in my country, because I have friend who comes from there. So I continued to read it.

There were some characters George Hawk Tunnicliffe, the best character  who is a Squadron Leader in Royal Air Force that very famous because his commendable to his country, Miss Charity Franklin who is a missionary nurse in Borneo, and she knew about the war, Jigah who is a Dayak boy, he assisted in their journey to find Tunnicliffe’s father. My favorite character is George Hawk Tunniclife because he was looking for his father that lost since war at 1945 in Borneo. And He liked challenge to get what He wanted. I dislike Miss Charity because of sometimes she hidden several information now what she was afraid. 

I choose the good event. When Tunnicliffe searched information about his father was lost. Mr Tunnicliffe looked the information to try discovered where his father’s Air Craft crashed. Then He met someone who knew about the story. The name is Miss Charity. He tried to go the country based on Charity’s information like Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. Finally, He decided to go the last one. It is Indonesia with Charity. In Sarawak, he saw a long black object emerge from foliage of the tree and fall to the ground. They searched on the river with Jigah. There were many challenges. Finally they found the jet which his father used on the tree. Absolutely his father had been killed instantly in the fall.

I have learned that we have to keep spirit and struggle to get a goal, and when we find challenge in our life, it will be failed by high spirit. Based on the story of Tunnicliffe who looking for his beloved father. He found his father, although at the last the son just find some evidences that his father have been killed in accident.




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