Language in Diversity




Actually, the novel in my opinion is not interesting to read, because when I saw the picture of the cover written with Goodnight Mister Tom, in my mind it was said when wanting to take sleep. But after the epilogue read, the novel told about Tom who lived in the second world-war time and Willie who was a child who was thin and sickly-looking, pale with limp sandy, hair and dull grey. Tom was give attention more to Willie. Because He was left by his mother who could not give him service and the condition of second world-war.

There are some characters in the novel, Mr. Tom who has full name Thomas Oakley and kind charitable worker. In the other case, He also cared more to the people who needed a help like Willie. Willie is the next character, and he is a child who was thin and sickly-looking, pale with limp sandy, hair and dull grey. Tom met Willie, giving more attention to him. Then Tom gave him stimulation decreasing it. Like always invited to smile and play game, sent to the school and learned about something around them. Tom is the best character, because always gave help to others like Tom. And I dislike Willie’s mother because of leaving him.

I choose the tragedy when Tom met Willie who was sock because of the crowded situation of the war, Tom invited him to stay with him and learned everything around him decreasing Willie’s sock. The first, Willie did not say any word, and then He tried to respond Tom. After staying few time together Willie like Tom’s son. Willie’s mother sent a letter that she was sick and instruct Willie came back to Tom. In this case, Willie had to take a decision about that problem. Finally He came back to meet his mother, and He told what Tom did to him.

I have learned that we must carry on others people around us, because we are society where we can’t stay alone and help everyone who needs it with whatever we can do. In this case, Mr. Tom always gave a help to everybody, one of them was Willie. He kept Willie more than his self with giving good education, food that high vitamin for his health body.




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