Language in Diversity


Ghost Force by Patrick Robinson

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

The novel has many characters. They are Admiral Arnold Morgan who  is as advisor to the president, Paul Bedford is as president of US, Commander Dallas Macpherson, Captain Douglas Jarvis is as team leader in 22nd SAS, Robert Halving is as Ambush Commander, Captain Van’s Lau is as captain of Viper 157 Russia warship, commander Rick Hunter, Dr. Louis is as chief medical officer hospital, he did autopsy about pathologist, KGB free-laneer is a separation Siberia group, and Masorin is a Russian government official who was killed.    

In my opinion, the point that interesting is when Russia started to dominate oil trade, but it was taken in Siberia’s area, so it could make Serbian became angry. In the other side, Russia has a partner Argentina which still has conflict with England till Russia sent Viper 157 submarine which was leaded by captain Van’s Lau, and Viper 157 brought nuclear to attack USA’s warship which became English’s partner. This condition used by Serbian to attract Russia till finally, Mr. Masorin who was Russian government official killed by separation group of Serbian in who had name KGB free-laneer in America. It made Russia angry to attract America.

The point of the story that is confusing is when Masorin killed by Serbian. In my opinion is unbelievable, because as I know the story that the security was very powerful and strict and suddenly, there was Dr. Louis said that he was killed by poison in drinking. 

Part that I dislike is America government wanted to dominate Russia’s oil area with sending many warships in pacific to attract Russian’s navy and steal the area. And the other case that I dislike is when Russia colonized Serbian to get oil area.

Personal experience or thought related to this novel is I can know the author’s writing style, and I was very enthusiastic to continue every chapter till end. I can learn about this story that countries that have big power can do everything that they want, and when we are the minority groups which could not oppose with quantity, we can use the other way such as what Serbian did to confront Russia and America. And if I were the writer of this novel, I will change the story without killing government official but it is pure story about competition of oil trade in Europe.

Larger issues that raised this novel are about conflict the country’s big power in which made the small country that was colonized became immersed. And how big problem happened when the government official killed is.

The experience while I reading this novel is I was very curious about the next chapter’s story, and I was afraid of America which wanted to be powerful country using colonization system and Russian who dominated the wealth with colonizing Serbian’s oil area.



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