Language in Diversity



by W. A. Harbinson

(Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)

This novel has many characters, but the most interesting characters for me are Stanford, Stanford is the young blond man, Toland, Toland is the captain and then Dr. James, Epstein is Richard’s friend, Richard, and Jeni the woman who came in Richard dream.

The point of the story or behavior is interesting. I think the interesting the story in this novel is when Richard discussed with Dr. James about his dream that is some nightmares. In his dream, he and the woman in the car saw the white light and silhouettes. The place is really bright and he saw machinery, that machinery it just seemed like an aircraft hangar because it was hard all this machinery and because it was big and sort of echoing, the machines have colored screens and on their machinery he saw a pilot with masks, there were three or four other man has no hair on his head and he saw in there has spaceship or ECG machinery or like UFO and he is very fear with it.

The point of the story or behavior confusing is when Richard tells about his dream to Stanford, Stanford said that UFO is real but he said that he cannot believe that UFO, because it is the most incredible story and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually happened.

The Part that I dislike most is when Stanford Say that he cannot believe that UFO was incredible story, and Richard didn’t tell the machine to everybody. I think why Stanford said like that, because he has never had some experiences like Richard happened and it is also like me and I believe it.

Personal experience or thought related the book is having some experience like Richard who has a trouble with his dream. it is that every night he always dream nightmares. He said that nightmare is very bad, very frightened and every night, all night is nightmares and in his dream in the village comes a UFO that is very much, and they are in everywhere like on the roof and another place. Maybe every people has experience nightmare and also me, the nightmares or nice dream is something which always comes when we are sleep.

How I would change the story? If I to be the writer this novel, I will change the story become the story UFO which want to destroyed a humans being in the worlds and that UFO want to controlled worlds.

Larger issues that raised this novel are about a dream humans being and he is always afraid if his dream is nightmare and all night is nightmares.

The experience that I got from this novel is when I read this novel, actually I don’t read all this book I just read the interesting part in this novel and it is need a time three days  in my house and I don’t read in the campus, because I cannot concentrate. How much I read, I have a case like my experience and it just different in my dream just saw the UFO and in this novel Richard saw humans without hair in the head.

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