Language in Diversity



                                                                       An Autonomy of Area

          In this era, in Indonesia the special autonomy concept should be expected to include districts and cities based on their unique economic and cultural characteristics. It becomes the reason democratic country concept which each citizen and area have direction to regulate the area and citizen. Although the fact sometimes is not what should be realized, but Indonesian’s president believes that when the system of special autonomy used in each city and area well, at least will come two profits.

          The first is the structure and legal system of the government will be ensured exclusively to dedicate to the efforts to achieve the development goals in each region. It means that the special autonomy of area will give the structure and legal system government becomes better making development society. It also can make clear the problem of the area that becomes the obstacle becoming development city. One step that should be done the special autonomy government is always supporting and giving illumination to citizen where it will be more detail than arranged by central government.

          The second is making motivation each area to always channel their city’s potential where they always focus on how make the area not primitive of all aspects to other cities in one country. Because of that the special government always make benefit program every time that supported by citizen and also the relation between government and citizen nearer because they help each other. And the building of the city becomes faster so the government and citizen try to make their area to be the best one.

          Even thought the special autonomy system gives several benefits, many subjects do not know that it really is supposed by the government and citizen. Without two components, the system is nothing.    




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