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A Touch of Honey (Reviewed by Ahmad Nur Saeful)


It is not an easy thing for a woman to take a decision from problem that she faces. She must choose one of two men for her, one of them is her own boss, while the other is the step brother of his. It is a complicated love, but however she must choose one of the best for her. This is a fascinating love story; the story of Cadie. Lucy Gillen wrote A Touch of Honey, a romantic novel. All the characters of the story seem reflect the real life. It has a flat but good plot, and also an interesting theme to read.

Cadie, the main character, is an attractive and charming girl; she has black silky hair framed and oval face and flower down her back. She comes from a small village in London. She moved to Dourly Creek to seek for opportunity.

The plot of this triangle story is quite easy to be understood. The story starts with Cadie visiting to the house of her close friend-Dottie and she offered Cadie a job as a secretary to the writer Robert Dean, where Dottie resigned from it because of her marriage to Michael. Cadie accidentally met Robert Dean in a bad and unhappy impression. They argued about sex and driving ability; Robert was over underestimated woman driver (in this case –Cadie) who has a bad ability of driving. Cadie didn’t recognize him as her boss yet at that time. A few days after that incident, Cadie had an interview with Gordon Charles (the step brother of Robert) to take the job. Time passed away and Cadie finally knew that his own boss was the one who met her on her way to Dottie’s house with a bad first impression. Gordon seemed fall in love with Cadie, he always tries to flatter her to have a date, but Cadie refused it for the first time. Eventhough some day she finally accepted the date, but actually she was in love with Robert. In the other hand, Robert kept his special feeling to Cadie inside his deepest heart; he didn’t have an opportunity to say that he loved her. One day, when Cadie and Robert had a dinner at the restaurant, Robert met his old friend Mellida Dawson. After that meeting, they kept in touch one another. It makes Cadie jealous, more over when Gordon said they are engaged, it is proved by the ring she worn in her finger. Cadie has believed in Gordon, but she has no courage to ask to Robert. The evidence made Cadie confused on whether to choose. She was interested in Robert, but in the other hand she appreciated Gordon’s attention. Finally, Cadie went to meet Dottie for asking her suggestion about her problem. Dottie advised Cadie to choose Robert, because Dottie believed that he is much better than Gordon. Cadie confused with Dottie’s suggestion, because Gordon said that Robert has proposed Mellida. Robert found Cadie was not as she was to be, he asked her what was happened. Cadie told him what did Gordon say to her, and Robert shocked. He said that he never proposed Mellida. After knowing the fact, Cadie decided to choose Robert as her best man. Robert said: “I can’t see why naturally,’ he said. ‘Where Gordon got the idea from that I intended marrying Lida, I can’t imagine. She’s not my type (Gillen 188).

 A Touch of Honey describes the theme of unpredictable love. We need love in our life, but sometimes we face the difficult decision to choose the best love for us. Once we make our choice, we live with the results; we need somebody’s advice to choose the best decision for us. While Cadie chose Robert as her soulmate after asking her best friend’s (Dottie) advice.

A touch of Honey is a must read romantic novel, Cadie’s decision to take Robert out as her soulmate is the best for her life. Most important, it’s an inspiring novel that teaches a valuable lesson that we must not easily believe in what people said before searching the proof. Further more, we are not allowed to do bad deeds for gaining anything we want.

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