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                                               TANJUNG LESUNG BEACH AND RESORT

I think that ’Tanjung Lesung’ is very interesting tourism place. We will spend five to six hours from Jakarta going over there located at Pandeglang-Banten. I have seen several beach sceneries, but that place is different from another beach. Talking about the facility itself is more complete and clearer such as place to stay. I mean that hotel in Tanjung Lesung as I had visited when I was in senior high school is very interesting and luxurious hotel. In the hotel, we will find the several facilities not found in another hotel. It is very comfortable cottage which is minimalist but elegant, and we will see the beautiful and impressing scenery outside from the cottage, and the color of the leaf in the beauty garden rounding the hotel with several kinds of tree makes interesting increasingly. In addition, the first time going out from the cottage, we will see swimming pool completed with kinds of fitness tools in the side.

The other facility in the place is to play sea games, such as; banana boat, sky boat and so on. The name is Beach Club. Over there many kinds of sea game are found, and also we will find a café on the water with the pier rounded the big ships. Consequently, we can do fishing on the roof of the ships and diving to see beautiful underwater-scenery.

The next facility, we will find one fantastic place to see mountain and scenery near each other. That place is Kalicaa Villa. Visitors can use the Kalicaa Villa’s scenery to refresh their mind. Fresh mind gives positive effect to think more logically and avoids the stress. It means that Tanjung Lesung sometimes becomes a choice of our trip to refresh our minds and gather with family.


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