Language in Diversity



FLAT is an association which is contained a group of people who want to improve their language skills. FLAT placed in Student Centre in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Because this association has focus on foreign languages, there are about six foreign languages learned inside; English, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Japan, and Turkish. However, it was separated into 2 language learning groups, learning language that must be learned and another one the language that they have to choose.

First, they learn English. English is included in the language that must be learned for every FLAT member. The members of the group divided into some group. They have one facilitator teaching them in each group. The time for study depends on their agreement to their facilitator, because they have to suit it with their schedules. They have to complete fifteen meetings to get assessment and accepted as permanent member of FLAT.

Second, they learn Arabic. Arabic is one of the chosen languages. It is just the same like English, they have facilitator, they also have the time to study which is based on the agreement. However, this is chosen language, so they gather with their friend who chooses it. The other mentioned languages-learned in FLAT are becoming choice learning language. Those are the languages that are learned in FLAT. It is good to learn other languages. And FLAT is the one which is good to improve our skills in foreign languages and find true family in the campus.


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