Language in Diversity


A.    Preparatory ‘THERE’

  1. Dalam bahasa Indonesia mempunyai arti ‘ada’ contoh: there is a pen on the desk.
  2. Dapat digunakan untuk mengungkapkan seruan gaya bicara (Exclamatory style). Contoh: There we go! (the subject is pronoun, we).
  3. Dapat juga digunakan untuk meminta perhatian contoh: there is a letter for you!

Variasi there

1.      There + verb + Complement

Verb yang digunakan: remain, come, exist, emerge, live, arise. Contoh: at the time, there lived a super hero in Indonesia. The name is Soekarno.

2.      There + verb + to be

Verb yang digunakan: used, seem, appear, supposed. Contoh: there used to be some reasons why Harry didn’t come to the class.

3.      There + be + noun + adjective clause

Contoh: There are many students who want to get scholarship.

4.      There + be + noun + verb-ed/verb-ing

Contoh: there are many students wanting to be smart without study hard.

B.     Preparatory ‘IT’

  1. Dapat digunakan bilamana pelengkap subjeknya (subject complement) berupa: time, distance, weather, etc. contoh: it’s Sunday today. It’s one o’clock. It’s about two kilometers from my school.
  2. Digunakan sebagai subjek pada Verd: look, seem, sound, etc.

Contoh: I seem that my mother is not angry of what I did.

  1. Digunakan objek pada Verb: deem, find, make, consider, etc. kemudian di ikuti dengan ajective + to – infinitive atau that-Clause. Contoh: we consider it difficult to move a box from the first floor to our class.

Variasi preparatory ‘IT’

1.      It + Be + Subj. Comp. (adj./Noun) + For + Noun/Pronoun + to-infinitive

Contoh: It’s easy for us to study English at the present.

2.      It + Be + Subj. Comp. (Adv. Of place/time) + Clause

Contoh: It was three years that I passed from senior high school.

3.      It + Be + Subj. Comp. (Pronoun/Noun) + Clause

Contoh: It is not you who gives a good book to her.

4.      It + Be + Subj. Comp. ( Adj./Noun) + Clause

Contoh: It is not easy that I have to be the best student in this school.

5.      It + Be + Subj. Comp. (Adj./Noun) + Gerund

Contoh: It is no good insulting every people whatever the reason is.

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