Language in Diversity

IMG_1319Deeper Than Anyone Ever Knew
(Untuk Gadis yang tidak pernah memakai Celana Jeans #WanitaIdaman)

I may know you by the look in your eyes
I may feel you by the words you whisper in
But I want to know you deeper than anyone ever knew
I may feel it, yet you’re still not here
Yes I want to know every curve bends in your fair dark brown hair
I may see it, but how does it bend?

I may see you when I close my eyes
I may dream of you when there’s no fire lit
Yes I can see your face but surely I don’t know why you smile
I can see it, though you’re not here
Yes I see your eyes but I don’t know to whom you gaze at
I just want to know who you really are

I may know you by the look in your eyes
I may see you when I close my eyes
But I want to know every curve bends in your fair dark brown hair
I may see it, but how does it bend?
Yes I want to know you deeper than anyone ever knew
I just want to know who you really are

Is it just a dreamer’s dream, or just a cold inflammable hope?
Please don’t wake me up, let me be my dream
Tell me; am I insane or just dreaming all the time?
Please don’t shake me up, I won’t be awake

I just want to know you deeper than anyone ever knew
***Edisi-Pencarian*** heeeee


Unity in Diversity #Lesson

10384467_952241811471544_4200656874504990878_n (1)Being different isn’t that bad, as long as there is understanding, tolerance and good will, being different means we can help each other to fulfill everything. I can help you and you can help me..

Marry Christmas,,May peace, love and prosperity follow you always my friends and family..

1232It’s the book given by my Islamic Canadian friend-She wanted me to give the resume of the book (here you are @Jualia  – from Indonesia with loving you always)

Part I The fact of creation in the light of scientific evidence
1. From non-being to being
What is the mean of from non-being to being?
Today, on the brink of the 21st century, modern physics has proved with many experiments, observations and calculations that the universe had a beginning and that it was created out of nothing with a big explosion. That the universe had a beginning means that the cosmos was brought into being out of nothing, that is, that is was created. If a created thing exists (which did not exist beforehand), then it certainly should s creator. So from non-being to being theory indicates or means that there is a creator of this universe.
2. The signs in heavens and on the earth
What are signs in heavens and on the earth to show Allah?
Everything, every detail from the atom, the smallest unit of matter, to the galaxies harboring billions of stars, from the moon, an inseparable adjunct to the world, to the solar system, which all work in a perfect harmony. The signs of Allah can be seen from our body, first about the fact that ‘a half developed eye cannot see’, about the army inside the man (phagocytes, macrophages, T cells, memory cells), a system in our body. There are also a lot of examples from the animals and plants such as camouflage.

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It’s about Language Testing

IMG_0291A. The Language Test
Language Testing is the practice and study of evaluating the proficiency of an individual in using a particular language effectively . The purpose of a language test is to determine a person knowledge and/or ability in the language and to discriminate that person’s ability from that of others. Such ability may be of different kinds, achievement, proficiency or aptitude. Tests, unlike scales, consist of specified tasks through which language abilities are elicited. The term language test is used somewhat more widely to include for example classroom testing for learning and institutional examinations.

From the explanation above, the writer tries to develop the specific explanation for this language test in order to easy to understand. Baca entri selengkapnya »

  1. IMG_02931. The Understandings of Audio-lingual Method

The origin of Audio-lingual Method was the Army Method or the Informant Method which begun in a program called Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP). The method was begun for the first time in The United States with the purpose to make the soldiers, who would be sent to several countries in World-War II, could speak as the natives from the countries to make them easy to communicate with the natives. The soldiers were taught by the native speaker, called informant, as the teacher who acted as the model of the target language. The process of teaching and learning was using the target language as much as possible.

The Army Specialized Training Program created intensive programs based on the techniques Leonard Bloomfield and other linguists devised for Native American languages, where students interacted intensively with native speakers and a linguist in guided conversations designed to decode its basic grammar and learn the vocabulary. This “informant method” had great success with its small class sizes and motivated learners.[1] Baca entri selengkapnya »

113752165A.The Understandings of Grammar Translation Method

In teaching languages, Grammar Translation Method has been used by language teacher for centuries. It is believed as one of the most popular methods in teaching languages. Many people believe that Grammar Translation Method is one of the oldest methods in teaching languages especially in teaching English.
It was firstly recognized at Middle Ages in teaching Latin, which was the dominant language in Europe at that time. Grammar Translation Method was also known as Classical Method. Baca entri selengkapnya »

Collaborative Learning


Collaborative learning adalah proses belajar kelompok yang setiap anggota menyumbangkan informasi, pengalaman, ide, sikap, pendapat, kemampuan, dan keterampilan yang dimilikinya, untuk secara bersama-sama saling meningkatkan pemahaman seluruh anggota. Collaborative learning memungkinkan setiap siswa untuk memahami seluruh bagian pembahasan, tidak seperti pada kelompok belajar yang kita kenal, yang menyebabkan hanya siswa tertentu yang memahami materi tertentu. Metode ini juga membuat seluruh siswa akan memiliki pemahaman yang setara akan suatu pembahasan. Collaborative Learning juga merupakan salah satu metode dalam student-centered learning.
Sebagai metode belajar, collaborative learning dilandasi oleh pemikiran bahwa kegiatan belajar hendaknya mendorong dan membantu siswa untuk terlibat secara aktif membangun pengetahuan sehingga mencapai pemahaman yang mendalam (deep learning). Dalam pendekatan ini, siswa dipandang sebagai pusat dari kegiatan belajar. Dalam merancang kegiatan belajar di kelas, pengajar tidak hanya memperhatikan tuntutan kurikulum yang harus diselesaikan, melainkan juga memperhatikan kondisi dan karakteristik siswa serta memberi kesempatan pada mereka untuk menentukan sendiri beberapa hal dalam proses belajar, seperti sebagian dari tujuan yang ingin dicapai dalam proses belajarnya. Hal ini tidak berarti bahwa pengajar menyerahkan sepenuhnya pada siswa untuk membuat keputusan mengenai materi-materi yang penting dipelajari, melainkan memberikan sebagian tanggung jawab pada siswa untuk mengarahkan sendiri proses belajarnya. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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